This collection is intended to bring together in one place new Cornell University Department Histories and those published in other collections in eCommons.

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Recent Submissions

  • Cornell University Press, Est. 1869, Our First 150 Years 

    Laun, Karen (Cornell University Press, 2019)
    A history of Cornell University Press celebrating the sesquicentennial of the first university press in the United States.
  • History of the Department of Communication at Cornell University 

    Ward, William B. (Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2000-12)
  • The Rise and Fall of the Cornell Poultry Department, 1903-1991. 

    Nesheim, Malden C. (The Internet-First University Press, 2018-10-10)
    This new history of a truly pioneering field at Cornell was written by an emeritus faculty member of that department who later served as Director of the Division of Nutritional Sciences and University Provost. Nesheim ...
  • The Biometrics Unit: The First 40 Years,1948–1988 

    Federer, Walter T. (Internet-First Univerity Press, 2018-10)
    Originally released in 1989, this is a detailed account of the birth of a new field by its founding faculty member at Cornell, Walter T. Federer. The Biometrics Unit was initiated in 1948 and was housed within the department ...
  • Agricultural Economics to the Dyson School: A Personal Experience 

    Tomek, William (Bill) G. (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-03-07)
    This prominent econometrician recounts his journey at Cornell, dealing with The Early Years, The Middle Years, his role as Department Chair, Achieving Faculty Diversity, The Later Years, and Other Cornell Experiences. He ...
  • A history of activities from 1963 – Retirement, 1998 

    German, Gene A. (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-02-07)
    Gene German describes his Cornell journey from the Food Industry Management Program and the Home Study Program in Food Industry Management to his experiences teaching popular courses, advising students and leading the Food ...
  • Department Histories – Cornell University: URL Links to the IFUP 

    Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2009-10-20)
    This article lists the URLs pertaining to the Department Histories produced by Internet-First University Press and available in eCommons
  • Agronomy at Cornell 

    Cline, Marlin G. (The Internet-First University Press. ©2016 Cornell University, 2016-07-12)
    The account which follows focuses on the subject matter within the Department of Agronomy as of 1980, namely soils, production of field crops other than vegetables and fruit, and atmospheric science. That combination is ...
  • Selections Concerning the History of the Arecibo Observatory 

    Cooke, J. Robert (producer) (Cornell University, 2016)
    This booklet contains selections from the Cornell Alumni News for the years 1963 through 2007 concern-ing the history of the Arecibo Observatory. A companion collection has been assembled from the Cornell Engineering ...

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