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    • A Conversation with Bruce Halpern 

      Halpern, Bruce; Howland, Howard (Internet-First University Press, 2013-06-06)
      Bruce P. Halpern, the Emeritus Susan Linn Sage Professor of Psychology and Emeritus Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior, was interviewed by Emeritus Professor Howard C. Howland of Neurobiology and Behavior. Professor ...
    • Richard O’Brien, Professor and Former Chair, Neurobiology and Behavior, Director Division of Biological Science. 

      Walcott, Charles (2014-05-05)
      Richard O’Brien traces his history from an interest in farming to a position in Canada then in the United States. He came to Cornell in Biochemistry and was intimately involved in the founding of the Division of Biological ...
    • Murph’s Party: Royse P. Murphy’s 90th Birthday Celebration 

      Kass, Lee B. (2004-05-02)
      Royse Peak Murphy, born May 2, 1914 in Norton Kansas, endured the Dust Bowl, graduated with a B.S. degree from Kansas State College in 1936 and M.S and Ph.D degrees from the University of Minnesota in 1938 and 1941, ...
    • Kraig Adler, Professor Emeritus, Neurobiology and Behavior 

      Adler, Kraig (2014-06)
      Kraig Adler came to Cornell in the 1970’s to participate in the Introductory Biology Course with William Keeton. His research on snakes, salamanders and their orientation fitted in well with the departments interests in ...
    • A Conversation with Francis J DiSalvo 

      DiSalvo, Francis J; Abruña, Héctor D (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-01-12)
      "A Conversation with Francis J DiSalvo" is a contribution from the Oral History Project of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Frank DiSalvo, the John A. Newman Professor of Physical Science and Director of ...
    • Stephen T. Emlen, Jacob Gould Sherman Professor Emeritus, Neurobiology and Behavior. 

      Walcott, Charles (2014-06)
      Professor Emlen describes his early interests in biology, his graduate training and his years as a faculty member at Cornell.
    • A Conversation with Jack H Freed 

      Freed, Jack H; Crane, Brian (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-11-13)
      Jack H Freed, the Frank and Robert Laughlin Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, describes his experiences in his early years, including his education, leading to his ...
    • The Fourth Dimension of a Poem 

      Abrams, Meyer H. (Finger Lakes Recording, 2010)
      M. H. Abrams is a leading authority on the 18th- and 19th-century literature, literary criticism, and European Romanticism. Now in his 65th year as a Cornell professor, Abrams has made substantial contributions to the field ...
    • Wright and Scott reminisce about their experiences in Agronomy 

      Wright, Madison; Scott, Thomas (Internet First University Press, 2013-06-20)
      Madison Wright and Tom Scott (emeriti from Agronomy, now Department of Crop and Soil Sciences) reminisce about their parallel journeys as members of the Cornell faculty. They comment on their efforts to introduce agronomic ...
    • Jerrold Meinwald wins National Medal of Science 

      Ju, Anne (Cornell University, 2014-10-03)