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dc.contributor.authorPahlavan, Amir Alizadeh
dc.contributor.authorSaintillan, David
dc.description.abstractSuspensions of self-propelled particles, such as swimming micro-organisms, are known to undergo complex dynamics as a result of hydrodynamic interactions. This fluid dynamics video presents a numerical simulation of such a suspension, based on a kinetic theory recently developed by Saintillan and Shelley (Physics of Fluids, 20, 123304, 2008). Starting from a nearly uniform and isotropic initial distribution, our simulations show the formation of strong density fluctuations, which merge and break up in time in a quasiperiodic fashion. These fluctuations are found to occur on the size of the simulation box, in agreement with a prediction from a linear stability analysis. In addition, the dynamics are characterized by complex chaotic flow fields, which result in efficient fluid mixing.en_US
dc.subjectpattern formationen_US
dc.titleThree-dimensional pattern formation in suspensions of swimming micro-organismsen_US
dc.typevideo/moving imageen_US

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