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dc.contributor.authorHandler, Philipen_US
dc.contributor.authorHandler, Maddyen_US
dc.contributor.authorProducer: Fly on the Wall Productionsen_US
dc.descriptionLength of Video: 45 minen_US
dc.description.abstractThis documentary features Cornell College of Architecture, Art and Planning Professor of Sculpture Jack Squier, MFA '52, and Jane Squier, his wife since 1950. The story of this "stylish" couple who has made Ithaca their home since their marriage-with only a short break-is central to this production which was created in honor of Squier's retirement from Cornell after nearly 50 years of teaching sculpture. This video illustrates Squier's importance to the life of the University: The Plantations Sculpture Garden, the Foundry, and the AAP Rome Program being several prominent examples of his vital contribution to Cornell. Through the use of vintage photos and video, current video of the couple in retirement, and video of Jack in his Foundry studio right before retirement in 2005, as well as through interviews of 20 others, mostly his Cornell students from across the classes, Squier's legacy and his body of work has been well-documented.en_US
dc.subjectCornell Professor of Sculpture Jack Squier, MFA '52en_US
dc.subjectCornell Professor of Sculpture Victor Colby, MFA '50en_US
dc.subjectCornell Professor of Sculpture Roberto Bertoiaen_US
dc.subjectJane Squieren_US
dc.subjectEarl Flansburgh '53en_US
dc.subjectTed Graves '58en_US
dc.subjectMichael Newman '58en_US
dc.subjectRobert Mayers '59en_US
dc.subjectCharles Rogers '59en_US
dc.subjectRatan Tata '59en_US
dc.subjectRoberto Einaudi '60en_US
dc.subjectStephan Klein '60en_US
dc.subjectJohn Schiff '60en_US
dc.subjectFred Biebesheimer '61en_US
dc.subjectStuart Carter '61en_US
dc.subjectRandy Lewis '62en_US
dc.subjectKent Moore '62en_US
dc.subjectBrewster Ward '62en_US
dc.subjectRobert Blakely '63en_US
dc.subjectAlan Chimacoff '63en_US
dc.subjectRichard Heinrich '63en_US
dc.subjectWebb Nichols '63en_US
dc.subjectJoel Perlman '65en_US
dc.subjectNeil Weinfield '83en_US
dc.subjectMichael Lowe, MFA '66en_US
dc.subjectStacy Latt Savage, MFA '96en_US
dc.subjectMark Parsons, MFA '98en_US
dc.subjectThe Foundry sculpture studioen_US
dc.subjectThe Cornell Latin American Year, 1965-66en_US
dc.subjectCornell's Lipchitz sculptures, Song of the Vowels; The Batheren_US
dc.subjectCornell Plantations Sculpture Gardenen_US
dc.subjectAAP's Rome Programen_US
dc.subjectSquier: Forty Years of Sculpture,1953-93, Johnson Art Museumen_US
dc.subjectEdith Halpert's Downtown Galleryen_US
dc.subjectLois Orswellen_US
dc.subjectDisc sculpture, Ithaca Collegeen_US
dc.titleSimply Squier: Professor Jack Squier, MFA '52en_US

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