The Legacy of Dale R. Corson captures some significant markers in the life and times of Dale Raymond Corson and his imprint upon Cornell University. His is a unique and remarkable journey.

This story is told through three videos:
1) "Dale Corson: Cornell's Good Fortune"
2) an overview by two of Cornell's most distinguished faculty members, Walter LaFeber and M. H. Abrams
3) a wide-ranging interview of Dale Corson by another former chair of the Department of Physics, Kurt Gottfried

This story is also told through the book, a collection of historical documents and speeches by Corson and by many friends. This collection assembles numerous noteworthy documents and the transcripts of "The Corson Symposium: A Strategy for a Great Research University". Enhancing this collection are numerous photographs, including two collections by the late Sol Goldberg, archival images from University Photography, the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, and George Gull.

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The documents reprinted here provide insight into a renaissance in engineering and in biology at Cornell. They include thoughtful essays on issues of contemporary importance - essays about the future of higher education in general and at Cornell in particular. They illuminate the remarkable career of a brilliant, yet kind and humble man who provided able and insightful leadership for Cornell and for the nation. Corson's leadership was marked by a profound respect for those whom he led by being an astute and thoughtful listener - a concept he articulated as his principle of fences and bases.

Thanks to those who have contributed to this presentation, including:
Kurt Gottfried, Walter LaFeber, and Mike Abrams for on-camera presentations
J. Robert Cooke, co-founder of The Internet-First University Press
Kenneth M. King, co-founder of The Internet-First University Press
Robert C. Richardson, co-organizer of the Corson Symposium
Speakers at the Corson Symposium
Gladys McConkey, copy editor
James W. Spencer, proofreader
Valorie Adams, typist
Cynthia-Anne Robinson, for symposium transcriptions
Elaine Engst, University Archivist
Fiona Patrick and Evan Earle of Cornell University Library
Jim Roberts of Cornell Alumni Magazine
Marian and Don McPheeters of Kendal at Ithaca
Glen Palmer and Media Production Team at Cornell Information Technologies
Chad O'Shea of Cornell Business Services

Dale Corson provided invaluable advice and assistance throughout this project - including assistance with locating the resources and verifying the accuracy of content and chronologies. His clarity of recall and his assistance with editorial matters have been amazing. Working with this remarkable person on this project and throughout all the previous years at Cornell has been a profound privilege.

The book and the DVD were produced by J. Robert Cooke

Recent Submissions

  • The Legacy of Dale Corson Slideshow 

    Cooke, J. Robert (producer) (Internet-First University Press, 2009)
    This slide show produced by J. Robert Cooke with assistance of Dale Corson (1 Aug 2009). It has been constructed entirely from resources used in The Corson Legacy (book and DVDs). This video was created to be used in ...
  • The Legacy of Dale R. Corson (Supplement One) 

    Cooke, J. Robert (producer); Corson, Dale R. (Internet-First University Press, 2009-07)
    This supplementary collection is an on-going effort to expand the initial book, The Legacy of Dale R. Corson. This supplement will be expanded from time-to-time ? breaking the usual limitation of a single definitive ...
  • Hall of Fame Induction, Cornell Center for Materials Research 

    Ashcroft, Neil W.; Corson, Dale R. (2009-07-22)
    This is a companion piece to the Book: "The Legacy of Dale R. Corson". These audio files are from Dale Corson's induction to the Hall of Fame of the Cornell Center for Materials Research from December 1999.
  • The Corson Symposium: Gala Banquet and Closing Luncheon 

    Richardson, Robert C.; Press, Frank; Sproull, Robert L.; Gortzig, Jean; Cooke, J. Robert; Corson, Dale R.; Rhodes, Frank H.T. (2009-07-22)
    This is a companion piece to the Book: "The Legacy of Dale R. Corson". These audio files are from the Gala Banquet and Closing Luncheon from the Corson Symposium which occurred on December 6-7, 1999.
  • The Corson Symposium: Lectures 

    Richardson, Robert C.; Rawlings, Hunter R. III; Brademas, John; Ehlers, Vernon J.; Kuh, Charlotte V.; Wyatt, Joe B.; Plum, Fred; Greenberg, Donald P.; Rhodes, Frank H.T.; Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Holcomb, Donald F.; Tanksley, Steven D.; Ballantyne, Joseph M. (2009-07-22)
    This is a companion piece to the Book: "the Legacy of Dale R. Corson". These are audio versions of the Lectures given at the Corson Symposium given on December 6-7, 1999.

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