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dc.contributor.authorFrank, Beatrice Silversteinen_US
dc.contributor.authorMartin, Peter W.en_US
dc.description.abstractFrom the video archives of the Cornell Law School Heritage Project. The interviewer is Peter W. Martin; the videographer, Jaesuk Yoo. This video covers Bea Frank's experiences as a law student, one of few women at the Cornell Law School in the early 1950s, the path that led her to work on issues of consumer protection and clinical law teaching at NYU. (Duration 57:28) The initial phase of this project was sponsored by a generous grant from the law firm of Sutherland Asbill and Brennan LLP.en_US
dc.publisherCornell Law Schoolen_US
dc.subjectFrank, Beatrice Silversteinen_US
dc.subjectLLB 1953en_US
dc.subjectLaw as a career choice for womenen_US
dc.subjectPaltrow, Barbara Goldsteinen_US
dc.subjectGootnick, Margeryen_US
dc.subjectOne woman per sectionen_US
dc.subjectVeterans in the student bodyen_US
dc.subjectStudent attireen_US
dc.subjectAbsence of faculty hostility to women studentsen_US
dc.subjectPleasant, comfortable atmosphereen_US
dc.subjectStudent organizations, fraternitiesen_US
dc.subjectSchlesinger, Rudolf B.en_US
dc.subjectStevens, Robert S.en_US
dc.subjectThompson, George J.en_US
dc.subjectCardozo, Michael H.en_US
dc.subjectParental supporten_US
dc.subjectMinimal placement assistanceen_US
dc.subjectBeginning practice in NYCen_US
dc.subjectSixty dollars a weeken_US
dc.subjectLack of practical knowledgeen_US
dc.subjectMatthew Benderen_US
dc.subjectConsumer Help Centeren_US
dc.subjectChannel 13en_US
dc.subjectAmsterdam, Anthony G.en_US
dc.subjectConsumer Protection Clinicen_US
dc.subjectClinical teachingen_US
dc.subjectKnowing how to listenen_US
dc.subjectNot making assumptionsen_US
dc.subjectTension between clinical and classroom facultyen_US
dc.subjectMcKay, Robert B.en_US
dc.subjectBar of the City of New Yorken_US
dc.subjectInterpreters in the courtsen_US
dc.subjectBar grievance systemen_US
dc.subjectMount Sinai Institutional Review Boarden_US
dc.subjectFrank, Lloyden_US
dc.subjectCornell Law School, small, sense of communityen_US
dc.titleFrank, Beatriceen_US
dc.typevideo/moving imageen_US

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