Digital access to this material is pending artist's approval. Materials may be viewed onsite at the Goldsen Archive, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Kroch Library, Cornell University.

In my artwork, I primarily make tools for use by others. The tools that I create are computer applications, which are commonly referred to as "social software" or "art applications". My ongoing social software research is in the area of "independent interfaces," a term I coined to describe my artistic production and academic research. (The term is also the title of my related book project.) Independent interfaces are artistic augmentations to conventional technology that help people understand how social software can alter their lives in positive and not-so-positive ways. My interfaces are developed to illuminate and measure the often-elusive effects of social software on our culture.

Recent Submissions

  • 2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Daggett, Mark (2009-06-17)
    Moving Tangents, is a program that mediates exchanges on a network of computers in order to alter our ability to communicate. Moving Tangents inverts the typical communication structure in which users communicate overtly ...


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