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    • About the Waguih Ghali Collection 

      Unknown author (2020)
      This document provides an overview of the Waguih Ghali Unpublished Papers collection, including background and origin of the collection, information about the digitization project that produced the archive, and a table of ...
    • Archaeological Views: The Economic Down Turn Hits Biblical Archaeology 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Biblical Archaeology Review, 2009)
      Even academics are not immune to a Great Recession, especially when they do not have tenure. The story of how one archaeologist lost his job.
    • BA Portrait: William Frederic Badè 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (The Biblical Archaeologist, 1988)
      Biographic sketch of the life of William Frederic Badè, excavator of Tell en-Nasbeh and literary executor of John Muir. Also briefly discusses the methodology followed in his excavations.
    • Badè, William F. 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Ancient Near East, 1997)
      Summary of life and ativities of William Frederic Badè, director of the excavations at Tell en-Nasbeh.
    • The Burials of the Judean Kings: Sociohistorical Considerations and Suggestions 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Eisenbrauns, 2006)
      Discusses the data related to the location of the royal burials of the Davidic dyansty in Iron Age Judah. Surverys the biblical evidence and examines a series of rock cut chambers at the southern end of the City of David ...
    • The Daily Grind at Tel Dor: A Trough and Basin from an Iron Age I Kitchen 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Israel Exploration Society, 2007)
      An trough-like installation built of clay and stone was discovered in a partially covered courtyard in a building excavated in Area G, Phase 9 (Iron I) at Tel Dor. First describes the trough and its context in detail and ...
    • The Date of a Bronze Vase from Tell en-Naṣbeh 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Tel Aviv - Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University, 1996)
      Discussion of a bronze "beaker" from Tell en-Nasbeh. Notes that the drawing of the vessel in the original 1947 report by C. C. McCown is incorrect and that the vessel has a button base, rather than a smooth one as published. ...
    • The Dating of an Early Iron Age Kiln from Tell al-Nasbah 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Levant, 1998)
      Presenation and discussion of Kiln 106 found at Tell en-Nasbeh. The kiln lies outside the original casemate-like town fortifications and is partially cut by the later massive inset-offset wall, often attributed to Asa of ...
    • Dor and Iron Age Chronology: Scarabs, Ceramic Sequence and 14C 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R.; Gilboa, Ayelet; Sharon, Ilan (Tel Aviv - Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University, 2004)
      Discusses well-stratified sequence of "mass-produced' stamp seals bearing the name of the Egyptian pharaoh Siamun found in Area G at Tel Dor and their implications, along with 14C dates, for Iron Age chronology. It is ...
    • Estimating the Population Size of Ancient Settlements: Methods, Problems, Solutions and a Case Study 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, 1994)
      Survey of previous attempts to estimate the population of ancient settlements and the problems/issues inherent in such demographic studies. The broadly excavated site of Tell en-Nasbeh is used as an example to illustrate ...
    • Flowcharting the Harris Matrix 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Center for the Study of Architecture, 1996)
      Example of how to use standard flow charting programs for creating Harris Matrix illustrations for analyzing and presenting archaeological deposits
    • Indiana Zorn and the Web Site of Tell en-Naṣbeh 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Near Eastern Archaeology, 1998)
      Discussion of how to set up a web site for presentation of academic research
    • 'The Inimitable Rose’, being Qur’anic saj‘ from Surat al-Duhâ to Surat al-Nâs (Q. 93–114) in English rhyming prose 

      Toorawa, Shawkat (2006)
      An attempt to apply the principles of saj' (rhyming, rhythmic prose) to English translations of the last 22 suras of the Qur'an.
    • An Inner and Outer Gate Complex at Tell en-Nasbeh 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, 1997)
      Presentation of data demonstrating the presence of an inner-outer gate complex at Tell en-Nasbeh. Surveys previous discussions on the fortifications of Tell en-Nasbeh. Provides evidence of a wall that connected the inner ...
    • An Iron Age I Canaanite/Phoenician Courtyard House at Tel Dor: A Comparative Architectural and Functional Analysis 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, 2014)
      Presentation of architectural, ceramic and other data of a courtyard house from Phase 9 (Iron I) in Area G at Tel Dor, Israel. Provides summary of household archaeology in southern Levant. Discussion of methodological ...
    • Iron Age I Glass from Tel Dor, Israel 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Journal of Glass Studies, 2007)
      A glass ear plug and a fragment of a core-formed vessel were found in Phase 10 of the 12th c. BCE in Area G at Tel Dor. During this period the area was used for the resmelting of copper/bronze objects. The Iron Age I is ...
    • Is T1 David’s Tomb? 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Biblical Archaeology Review, 2012)
      Popular discussion of whether T1, one of the rock cut chambers at the southern end of the City of David in Jerusalem excavated by Rayomd Weill at the beginning of the 20th c, represents part of the royal cemetery of the ...
    • Jeremiah at Mizpah of Benjamin (Tell en-Naṣbeh): The Archaelogical Setting 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Brill, 2018)
      Provides an archaeological and historical interpretation of the prophet Jeremiah's short stay at Mizpah of Benjamin following the destruction of Jerusalem and much of the Kingdom of Judah by the Babylonians in 586 BCE, and ...
    • Khidr: The History of an Ubiquitous Master 

      Toorawa, Shawkat (1996)
      An essay on the history of the character (Khidr) who appears in ch. 18 of the Qur'an
    • A Legacy of Publication: William F. Badè and Tell en-Nasbeh 

      Zorn, Jeffrey R. (Biblical Archaeology Review, 1997)
      Brief bibliographic essay on William Frederic Badè, director of Tell en-Nasbeh excavations.