This is a collection of student research papers for Professor Ashim Datta's Biomed BEE 4530/Computer-aided Engineering course for 2008.

Recent Submissions

  • Hand-Injectable Acrylic Bone Cement Applicator for Skull Base Bone Replacement 

    Gonos, James; Levatich, Mark; Smith, Ryan; Zappacosta, Corinne (2009-05-08)
    One of the only existing procedures to remove brain tumors at the skull base is endoscopic endonasal neurosurgery. The most difficult part of this surgery is closing the hole created in the skull, which currently is solved ...
  • Modeling a Freeze-Thaw Cycle to Treat Lung Cancer 

    Dugard, Lauren; Hayes, Scott; Holter, Tara; Leviter, Julie (2009-05-08)
    This study examines the effects of pre-freezing on the RF ablation of lung cancer, a widespread disease in the United States. While current treatments utilize cryosurgery or RF ablation to destroy lung tumors, neither ...
  • Paclitaxel Drug Elution from a Biodegradable Stent 

    Lam, Gary; Lee, Jason; Nguyen, Nam; Wu, Kevin (2009-05-08)
    Recently, drug-eluting stents have become a common treatment for coronary heart disease. These stents are usually loaded with a drug that prevents restenosis. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with the placement ...
  • Modeling Heat Transfer in the Eye during Cataract Surgery 

    Akkar, Sona; Bharadwaj, Koonal; Paya, Naweed; Shai, Adam (2009-05-08)
    Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the world, and it involves using a technique called phacoemulsification. With this technique, the cloudy, crystalline lens in the eye is ...
  • The Way to Spray: Modeling Nasal Spray Deposition 

    Mahtani, Amrita; Mendoza, Guilly; Yang, Weilin; Zhou, Robin (2009-05-08)
    Intranasal drug delivery is an alternative method in addition to traditional oral and intravenous doses. Nasal drug delivery has proven to be a very effective technique for nicotine cessation (Hjalmarson et al., 1994), the ...

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