These are papers and projects for the Class: English 2890: Women's Activism in the U.S.

Recent Submissions

  • Suffrage and Temperance in the Speeches of Frances Willard 

    Hou, Laura (2009-05-07)
    Although the Temperance Movement ultimately failed, it was an important step towards women's suffrage because it allowed women to gain political and public experience. Nineteenth century women were still shackled under ...
  • Margaret Sanger: The Contributions She Offered Women and Birth Control 

    Penn, Leevell (2009-05-07)
    Margaret Sanger played an important role in birth control advocacy. Despite laws that restricted the use of contraception for women in the 19th century, Sanger was able to reform legislature and improve the lives of many ...
  • Well, We Showed Them 

    Muttreja, Ashima; Hazell, Rebecca (2009-05-07)
    Clara Lemlich was a factory girl who lived in New York City in the early nineteen hundreds. Lemlich recognized the unsanitary working conditions that many women were subject to in factories and vowed to make a difference. ...
  • A Transgender Place in Feminism 

    Tonick, Shawna (2009-05-06)
    Transgender people face a variety of issues in terms of gaining acceptance and civil rights in our society. They are often mistreated and harassed, face workplace discrimination, have difficulty obtaining appropriate medical ...

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