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dc.contributor.authorBravo, Monica
dc.description.abstractBased on the Yi jing* (the book of changes). I will develop an interactive installation that consists of a series of looping image/sound that investigate the relationship between inner and outer perception. It's a space offered for quietness and contemplation. As the viewer enters he/she will have the choice of stepping on a circle that will trigger the oracle to spin. Glowing images are projected on a diffused screen that seem to be emanating simple colors from abstracted images that somehow reference each one of the 64 hexagrams and they are combined randomly along with either sound or silence referencing John Cage's Williams Mix, where the composing means for determining its structure units and operation were also derived from the Yi Jing.en_US
dc.subjectinteractive videoen_US
dc.subjectsound installationen_US
dc.subjectchance operationsen_US
dc.subjectI Chingen_US
dc.subjectdigital videoen_US
dc.subjectJohn Cageen_US
dc.title2005 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposalen_US

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