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    • A biography of and interview with Delano L. Proctor, Jr. 

      Smith, Donald F. (2010-10-21)
      Delano L. Proctor, Jr. grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, the son of an equine practitioner. He was assigned to the Veterinary Corps following his graduation from Cornell in 1942. He fulfilled over three years of service in ...
    • A biography of and interview with Edward Hagyard Fallon 

      Smith, Donald F. (2012-07-19)
      When Edward Hagyard Fallon received his DVM in 1956, he joined the practice in Lexington, KY, now known as Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. He is the fourth in a line of family veterinarians that dates to 1876 when a ...
    • A biography of and interview with George E. Ross, Jr. 

      Massaro, Andrew J. (2012-04-12)
      Growing up in Kansas, George E. Ross, Jr. watched as the veterinarians cared for his horse and realized he aspired to be a surgeon. He was the first member of his family to graduate from college and received his DVM from ...
    • A biography of and interview with Harry J. Fallon 

      Smith, Donald F. (2009-05-04)
      Raised during the Depression in the Catskill Mountain area of New York, Harry Feldman was one of nine Jews, mostly from New York City, who matriculated in the veterinary Class of 1938 at Cornell University. He changed his ...
    • A biography of and interview with Jack O. Walther 

      Smith, Donald F. (2012-04-04)
      Dr. Jack Walther grew up in Nevada and received his veterinary degree from the University of California, Davis in 1963. His equine practice in Reno NV, was punctuated by two years of service in the Army Veterinary Corps ...
    • A biography of and interview with John D. Murray 

      Smith, Donald F. (2009-05-05)
      Unable to afford a medical school education during the Depression, John Murray aspired to a career in veterinary medicine. He credited his acceptance into Cornell in 1935 as a life-changing event, and never waivered from ...
    • A biography of and interview with John P. Ayres 

      Smith, Donald F. (2009-06-03)
      Dr. John Ayres was raised on a small farm in southern New York State during the Depression. While a veterinary student at Cornell, he worked several jobs to pay for his education. During his final two years, he saved ...
    • A biography of and interview with Joseph J. Merenda 

      Smith, Donald F. (2009-06-05)
      Entering Cornell in 1930 and graduating at the height of the Depression, Dr. Joseph Merenda anticipated a career in large animal medicine. However, he unexpectedly secured a job with the renowned New York City veterinarian, ...
    • A biography of and interview with Kenneth I. Gumaer, Sr. 

      Smith, Donald F. (2009-12-17)
      Shortly after receiving his Cornell DVM in 1943, Kenneth Gumaer was charged with the care of 267 mules bound for the China-Burma-India campaign on a warship that departed from New Orleans. Though the ship was damaged by a ...
    • A biography of and interview with Lawrence T. Waitz 

      Smith, Donald F. (2009-06-05)
      Matriculating at Cornell University at age 16, Lawrence Waitz completed his DVM degree too young to qualify for licensure in New York State. He spent the intervening months before his 21st birthday supplementing his formal ...
    • A biography of and interview with Linda Dixon Reeve (Peddie) 

      Smith, Donald F. (2010-06-21)
      Though Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine usually admitted only two women per year during the 1950s and 1960s, Linda Dixon Reeve was the only woman in her veterinary class of 1965. Her interview—she more aptly described ...
    • A biography of and interview with Mark R. Crandall 

      Smith, Donald F. (2009-08-06)
      Mark Crandall was the second veterinarian in his family. Unlike his brother, James, who entered Cornell out of high school and received his DVM in 1931, Mark spent three years at Syracuse University before entering Cornell ...
    • A biography of and interview with Mitchell E. Kornet 

      Pesce, Michelle; Smith, Donald F. (2011-06-08)
      Raised in a small garden apartment in Queens, N.Y., Mitchell Kornet developed his interest in animals and veterinary medicine at the John Bowne High School in nearby Flushing. While an undergraduate student in Cornell’s ...
    • A biography of and interview with Morris L. Povar 

      Smith, Donald F. (2010-07-14)
      Morris L. Povar was born of Russian immigrants in New York City. He attended Brooklyn College before matriculating at Cornell University, first in agriculture, then in veterinary medicine. He received his DVM in 1944. After ...
    • A biography of and interview with Patricia Thomson Herr 

      Smith, Donald F. (2010-07-29)
      Patricia Thomson is one of three women who graduated in Cornell’s veterinary class of 1960. Originally from Schenectady, N.Y., Trish entered Cornell’s agriculture program as a pre-veterinary student in fall 1954 and ...
    • A biography of and interview with Robert E. Lynk 

      Smith, Donald F. (2010-09-20)
      Robert E. Lynk was born into a farming family in Schoharie County. Anticipating a life in agriculture, he received his B.S. from Cornell University in 1954. After his marriage to an alumna of Cornell and a 16-month tour ...
    • A biography of and interview with Robert Ferber 

      Smith, Donald F. (2009-06-05)
      The son of immigrants who settled in New York City, Robert Ferber graduated from Cornell in 1939 and established one of the first small animal hospitals on Long Island. His brother, son, and grandson all followed in his ...
    • A biography of and interview with Tevis M. Goldhaft 

      Smith, Donald F. (2011-01-12)
      Tevis M. Goldhaft (1914-2009) was the son of Arthur Goldhaft VMD ’10, a general practitioner in Vineland, New Jersey. In 1931, Tevis followed his sister, Helen, to Cornell because the University of Pennyslvania did not ...
    • An Enduring Veterinary Legacy: Interview List 

      Smith, Donald F. (Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, 2017-03)
      A listing of audio recordings, transcripts and biographic sketches from interviews with about 31 Cornell alumni and other notable veterinarians included in An Enduring Veterinary Legacy.
    • An Enduring Veterinary Legacy: Introduction, Overview and Credits 

      Smith, Donald F; Kristensen, Terry L. (Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, 2017-03)
      This Introduction, Overview and Credits provides background for An Enduring Veterinary Legacy: Interviews with Pioneering Veterinarians that were conducted by Dr. Donald F. Smith and others between 2007 and 2010.