Veterinary medicine's rich and enduring legacy comes alive in accounts of the personal and professional lives of pioneering veterinarians, industry leaders, and other experts who promoted and advanced animal health as far back as the 1920s.

This is a collection of oral interviews conducted primarily by Dr. Donald F. Smith, dean emeritus of the College of Veterinary Medicine, between 2007 and 2010. They are audio recordings, transcripts, and biographical sketches with and about 31 Cornell alumni, their closest surviving family members, and other notable veterinarians.

For further description, Introduction and story lists, see:

An Enduring Veterinary Legacy: Introduction, Overview and Credits
List of Individuals Interviewed (by name and interview date)
Biography of Donald Frederick Smith, DVM

Dr. Smith also created Perspectives in Veterinary Medicine, a related collection of 205 short stories that first appeared as blog postings periodically between April 2013 and September 2015.

Recent Submissions

  • An Enduring Veterinary Legacy: Interview List 

    Smith, Donald F. (Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, 2017-03)
    A listing of audio recordings, transcripts and biographic sketches from interviews with about 31 Cornell alumni and other notable veterinarians included in An Enduring Veterinary Legacy.
  • An Enduring Veterinary Legacy: Introduction, Overview and Credits 

    Smith, Donald F; Kristensen, Terry L. (Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, 2017-03)
    This Introduction, Overview and Credits provides background for An Enduring Veterinary Legacy: Interviews with Pioneering Veterinarians that were conducted by Dr. Donald F. Smith and others between 2007 and 2010.
  • A biography of and interview with Edward Hagyard Fallon 

    Smith, Donald F. (2012-07-19)
    When Edward Hagyard Fallon received his DVM in 1956, he joined the practice in Lexington, KY, now known as Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. He is the fourth in a line of family veterinarians that dates to 1876 when a ...
  • Interview recording: Edward Hagyard Fallon, DVM 

    Smith, Donald F. (2012-06-18)
    Interview with Edward Hagyard Fallon, DVM, Class of 1956. Interview Date: Intdate. Interviewer: Donald F. Smith, DVM, Austin O. Hooey Dean Emeritus.
  • A biography of and interview about Henry E. Grossman 

    Smith, Donald F. (2012-06-04)
    Henry E. Grossman received his DVM from Cornell University in 1938 and spent his entire professional career (1938-1998) in small animal practice in Brooklyn, New York. He was one of 17 Jewish students who matriculated in ...

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