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dc.contributor.authorEntringer, Ron
dc.contributor.authorHowarth, Robert
dc.description.abstractNutrient management in the Chesapeake region largely has focused on agricultural sources and on municipal wastewater treatment plants. This workshop was convened to advise the Chesapeake Bay Program on the role of atmospheric deposition as a source of nitrogen pollution to the Bay. The most recent evidence suggests that at least one third and probably significantly more of all the nitrogen that reaches Chesapeake Bay comes from atmospheric deposition, which also contributes to acid rain. Most of this deposition falls onto the landscape, and then a portion of it runs off and eventually reaches the Bay.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThis project is part of the Cornell University Agricultural Ecosystems Program: Understanding Sources and Sinks of Nutrients and Sediment in the Upper Susquehanna River Basin, funded by the US Department of Agriculture Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service under award number 2005-34244-15740. Additional support provided by the Chesapeake Bay Program.en_US
dc.subjectacid depositionen_US
dc.subjectfossil fuel burningen_US
dc.subjectnitrogen pollutionen_US
dc.subjectnitrogen depositionen_US
dc.subjectChesapeake Bayen_US
dc.titleWorkshop on Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen - Chesapeake Bay Program, Science and Technical Advisory Committeeen_US
dc.typetechnical reporten_US

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