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    • 34th Annual Cornell Real Estate Conference Recap 

      Green, Matthew; Spritzer, Jennifer; Chagani, Ershad; Mashian, Sean (2017-06-01)
      Every October, the Cornell Real Estate Conference draws together the real estate community of Cornell and other significant industry individuals to meet and discuss current issues in real estate. In 2016, the theme of the ...
    • Brexit: Its Passing and Reverberations 

      Lathan, Robert; Green, Matthew; Chagani, Ershad (2017-06-01)
      The most significant financial and economic news story in 2016 was the June 23 decision of the British public to terminate the U.K.’s membership in the European Union. Polls and bookmakers in the days leading up to the ...
    • Letter from the Editors 

      Trahan, Christopher; Chagani, Ershad; Spritzer, Jennifer; McFalls, Joe; Blum, Wilson (2019-04-25)
      The Editorial Board of the Cornell Real Estate Review is pleased to present Volume 17 (2019). Under the direction of the Baker Program in Real Estate, the Review is a student run publication founded in 2002 as a forum for ...