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    • Egoistic and Nonegoistic Motives in Social Dilemmas 

      Lynn, Michael; Oldenquist, Andrew (1986-01-01)
      Many of the world's problems (e.g., overpopulation, pollution, and the depletion of nonrenewable resources) may be characterized as social dilemmas. The solutions to social dilemmas, then, are very important. In this ...
    • Elwood Murray: Innovator, Integrator, Educator 

      Brownell, Judi (1986-01-01)
      A case study of Professor Elwood Murray was undertaken to reveal his impact both on his students and on the curriculum at the University of Denver. Interviews were conducted with Dr. Murray as well as with many of his ...
    • New Directions For Cross-Cultural Studies: Linking Organizational and Societal Cultures 

      Enz, Cathy A. (1986-01-01)
      [Excerpt] What does culture mean in cross-cultural studies? Much of the comparative management literature has adopted vague and atheoretical approaches to conceptualizing and measuring culture. It is no wonder that the ...
    • Modeling Choice Strategies for Noncomparable Alternatives 

      Johnson, Michael D. (1986-01-01)
      Theoretical models are developed for two strategies consumers use to choose among "noncomparable" alternatives. The models view consumers as trading off decision error and processing effort when selecting a decision strategy. ...
    • Consumer Similarity Judgments: A Test of the Contrast Model 

      Johnson, Michael D. (1986-04-01)
      A general model is described that views similarity judgment as a contrasting of product features. The relative influence of common and distinctive features on perceived similarity is considered a function of the context ...
    • Why Restaurant Managers Quit (and How to Keep Them) 

      McFillen, James M.; Riegel, Carl D.; Enz, Cathy A. (1986-11-01)
      High turnover among managers can be even more damaging to your operation than high turnover among rank-and-file workers. If you want to keep managers, it is essential to understand why they leave. Surprisingly, money is ...
    • Illustrations of Financing and Tax Transfers in Owner Financed Real Estate Sales 

      Ang, James; Chiang, Raymond (1987-01-01)
      The dramatic increase in seller or creative financing in the late 1970s and early 1980s has captured the attention of many academicians and practitioners. The primary focus in the existing literature is on explaining ...
    • A Review of Consumer Judgment and Choice 

      Johnson, Michael D.; Puto, Christopher P. (1987-01-01)
      Whether the goal is to improve or predict consumer decisions, understanding human judgment and choice processes long has been recognized as an essential component in the study of marketing. Though several reviews of judgment ...
    • Absenteeism in Remission: Planning, Policy, Culture 

      Dalton, Dan R.; Enz, Cathy A. (1987-01-01)
      It has been estimated that employee absenteeism costs the U.S. economy on the order of $40 billion per year. Not surprisingly, great time and effort has been dedicated to research assessing the causes of employee absenteeism ...
    • An Approach to Industrial Real Estate Market Segmentation and Valuation Using the Arbitrage Pricing Paradigm 

      Grissom, Terry V.; Hartzell, David J.; Liu, Crocker H. (1987-01-01)
      This paper investigates whether a segmented market exists for industrial real estate with respect to risk and return characteristics. Given the existence of industrial market segmentation, the next issue examined is whether ...
    • Is There a Neglected Firm Effect? 

      Carvell, Steven A.; Strebel, Paul J. (1987-01-01)
      [Excerpt] The objective of this paper is to examine the statistical basis of the neglected firm effect: whether it is indeed statistically distinct from the small firm and January effects or not. Relative to previous work ...
    • Occupational Boundary Setting and the Unauthorized Practice of Law by Real Estate Brokers 

      Corgel, John B. (1987-01-01)
      Real estate brokers and lawyers have been engaged in a longstanding "boundary dispute" over which activities brokers can perform in real estate transactions without engaging in unauthorized practices of law. In general, ...
    • Listening: The Toughest Management Skill 

      Brownell, Judi (1987-02-01)
      Ranked by personnel managers as the most important problematic communication skill in organizations today, listening is the most used skill that is taught least frequently. Listening skills of managers and employees can ...
    • Financial Planning for Real Estate Production Decisions 

      Balogh, Colin; Corgel, John B.; Logan, Gregg (1987-04-01)
      Recently, the production and service components of the real estate business have evolved from collections of mom and pop operations to full-fledged industries comprised of highly competitive, small and medium-sized firms. ...
    • Price Adjustment Process for Rental Office Space 

      Shilling, James D.; Sirmans, C. F.; Corgel, John B. (1987-07-01)
      This paper analyzes the price adjustment process for rental office space in 17 cities across the United States over the time period 1960 to 1975. The results confirm much of what economic theory suggests. Landlords react ...
    • Communications in the Business Curriculum 

      Brownell, Judi (1987-08-01)
      Good managers must have good communication skills, but that means more than just writing a nice essay or making a clever speech. As a result, hospitality educators’ view of communication must be expanded.
    • The Nature and Methodological Implications of the Cognitive Representation of Products 

      Johnson, Michael D.; Fornell, Claes (1987-09-01)
      A general relationship is proposed wherein more abstract attributes are likely to resemble continuous dimensions while more concrete attributes are likely to resemble dichotomous features. While some methodologies assume ...
    • Local Economic Base, Geographic Diversification, and Risk Management of Mortgage Portfolios 

      Corgel, John B.; Gay, Gerald D. (1987-10-01)
      Variability of local economic conditions underlie, in part, the default and prepayment risks of mortgages originated in a metropolitan area. In this study we examine the benefits of diversifying across metropolitan areas ...
    • Corporate Real Estate Joint Ventures and Security Price Performance 

      Corgel, John B.; Rogers, Ronald C. (1987-10-01)
      The results of a study are detailed to explain that the announcement of a real estate development joint venture is associated with no significant share price reaction. A sampling of 24 joint ventures is identified and ...
    • Checking the Checks: A Survey of Guest-Check Accuracy 

      Kelly, Thomas J.; Carvell, Steven (1987-11-01)
      Inaccurate guest checks represent lost revenue. And the frequency of check errors is higher than many restaurateurs might think.