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    • Gratitude and Gratuity: A Meta-analysis of Research on the Service-tipping Relationship 

      Lynn, Michael; McCall, Michael (2000-01-01)
      The relationship between tip size and evaluations of the service was assessed in a meta-analysis of 7 published and 6 unpublished studies involving 2,547 dining parties at 20 different restaurants. Consistent with theories ...
    • Green Initiatives in the U.S. Lodging Industry 

      Liu, Peng; Sanhaji, Zied (2010-07-01)
      Most hotels maintain resource-intensive operations in order to serve guests around the clock. Therefore, it is important to consider lodging properties with respect to environmental concerns. Though the public has become ...
    • Grooming Future Hospitality Leaders: A Competencies Model 

      Chung-Herrera, Beth G.; Enz, Cathy A.; Lankau, Melenie J. (2003-06-01)
      Competency models can be useful tools for identifying and grooming future leaders. Rather than base leadership assessment on personality traits or other unrelated characteristics, competency models specify the actions and ...
    • Groundedness: Connecting Consumers with Place, People, and Past 

      Wrolstad, Jay (2022-04-19)
      Our fast-paced world keeps picking up speed, with digitization, globalization and mobility recognized widely as signs of progress and innovation—yet for many there is a growing desire to take a step back, catch their breath ...
    • Group Forecasting Accuracy in Hotels 

      Kimes, Sheryl E. (1999-01-01)
      Yield management helps hotels more profitably manage the capacity of their rooms. Hotels tend to have two types of business: transient and group. Yield management research and systems have been designed for transient ...
    • Growing the Trust Relationship 

      Hart, Christopher W.; Johnson, Michael D. (1999-04-01)
      Practically every company today is geared up to satisfy its customers. "We do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers!" is the refrain. But does customer satisfaction go far enough? There is in fact, a wide gap between ...
    • Growth Through Product-Sharing Services 

      Johnson, Michael D.; Herrmann, Andreas; Huber, Frank (1998-11-01)
      The authors argue that product-sharing services, where companies offer customers the use of a physical product on a limited basis at a lower cost, offer an overlooked opportunity for growth. The primary advantage of ...
    • Guest Histories: An Untapped Service Resource 

      Dev, Chekitan S.; Ellis, Bernard D. (1991-08-01)
      Advances in technology now allow hotel operators to “remember” every guest's preferences through guest histories. However, few hotels are making use of the mountain of data that hotel guests leave behind.
    • Guest Service Management and Processes in Restaurants: What We Have Learned in Fifty Years 

      Susskind, Alex M. (2010-10-01)
      Although restaurant-related research has long focused on boosting sales, the focus on revenue as a quantitative discipline has arisen only in the past fifteen years, with restaurant revenue management. This series of studies ...
    • Guests’ Reactions to In-Room Sustainability Initiatives: An Experimental Look at Product Performance and Guest Satisfaction 

      Susskind, Alex M. (2014-05-01)
      Subtle energy saving changes in guest rooms did not diminish satisfaction, based on a study of 192 guests at an independent four-star hotel. Two changes were tested, a television with three energy settings and light-emitting ...
    • Guide to Using the Free Rent Calculator 

      Liu, Peng; Su, Luoyi; deRoos, Jan A. (2014-02-01)
      In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to use the Free Rent Calculator, which provides an accurate, visual means to quantify the impact of concessions in commercial leases based on the market conditions and landlord’s ...
    • Guiding the Guest Experience 

      Chun, Hae Eun (2011-01-01)
      [Excerpt] One of your many jobs as a hospitality manager is to seek ways to improve your guests' experience. You can do this, of course, by making investments to upgrade guest services or provide better products, facilities, ...
    • Hahne & Co. Case Study 

      Spritzer, Jennifer; Covington, Lera; McFalls, Joe; Sequeira, Ryan; Thompson, John; Tomlan, Michael; Jones, Dustin (2020-06-29)
      We are pleased to present a ULI case study of the redevelopment of the historic Hahne & Co. building in Newark, New Jersey. This is the first in a series of case studies and briefs jointly created by ULI and Cornell ...
    • Hamburger Prices and Spatial Econometrics 

      Kalnins, Arturs (2003-01-01)
      This paper applies spatial econometrics to hamburger price data to assess the degree of substitutability of products and locations of spatially dispersed franchised chains. First, while intrachain price variation exists, ...
    • HAMP: Doomed from the Start 

      Gans, Marc (2012-07-01)
      The collapse of the American housing market has had deleterious effects on not only the U.S. economy, but also the global economy, plunging much of the world into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.
    • Harnessing the Power of Your Culture for Outstanding Service 

      Ford, Robert; Sturman, Michael C. (2011-01-01)
      [Excerpt] Your company's culture can be one of the strongest forces for ensuring excellent customer service and the resulting financial success, or it can stand in the way of your ever achieving your service and financial ...
    • Harnessing Wastewater for Renewable Energy (2013-2) 

      Adalja, Aaron; U-tapao, Chalida (2013-11-15)
      This case study explores the options for using wastewater to produce renewable energy in the context of a public wastewater treatment plant. It provides an opportunity for students to synthesize knowledge from resource ...
    • Has Revenue Management Become Acceptable? Findings from an International Study on the Perceived Fairness of Rate Fences 

      Kimes, Sheryl E.; Wirtz, Jochen (2003-01-01)
      Demand-based pricing is underused in many service industries, because customers are believed to perceive such pricing as unfair. Fencing can be highly effective in improving the perceived fairness of demand-based pricing. ...
    • Have Minimum Wage Increases Hurt the Restaurant Industry? The Evidence Says No! 

      Lynn, Michael; Boone, Christopher (2015-12-16)
      Federal, state, and local laws in the U.S. specify the minimum wages to be paid in their jurisdictions. Recent years have seen an increased interest among many in raising those minimum wages, and there has been some movement ...
    • Heading into Economic Headwinds 

      Liu, Crocker; Nowak, Adam; White, Robert Jr (2022-07-26)
      The price of hotels rose in all regions except the Mid-Atlantic this quarter. Hotel prices in the Mountain and South Atlantic regions reached new statistical highs, while hotel prices in the Pacific region continued to ...