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    • Hahne & Co. Case Study 

      Spritzer, Jennifer; Covington, Lera; McFalls, Joe; Sequeira, Ryan; Thompson, John; Tomlan, Michael; Jones, Dustin (2020-06-29)
      We are pleased to present a ULI case study of the redevelopment of the historic Hahne & Co. building in Newark, New Jersey. This is the first in a series of case studies and briefs jointly created by ULI and Cornell ...
    • Hamburger Prices and Spatial Econometrics 

      Kalnins, Arturs (2003-01-01)
      This paper applies spatial econometrics to hamburger price data to assess the degree of substitutability of products and locations of spatially dispersed franchised chains. First, while intrachain price variation exists, ...
    • HAMP: Doomed from the Start 

      Gans, Marc (2012-07-01)
      The collapse of the American housing market has had deleterious effects on not only the U.S. economy, but also the global economy, plunging much of the world into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.
    • Harnessing the Power of Your Culture for Outstanding Service 

      Ford, Robert; Sturman, Michael C. (2011-01-01)
      [Excerpt] Your company's culture can be one of the strongest forces for ensuring excellent customer service and the resulting financial success, or it can stand in the way of your ever achieving your service and financial ...
    • Harnessing Wastewater for Renewable Energy (2013-2) 

      Adalja, Aaron; U-tapao, Chalida (2013-11-15)
      This case study explores the options for using wastewater to produce renewable energy in the context of a public wastewater treatment plant. It provides an opportunity for students to synthesize knowledge from resource ...
    • Has Revenue Management Become Acceptable? Findings from an International Study on the Perceived Fairness of Rate Fences 

      Kimes, Sheryl E.; Wirtz, Jochen (2003-01-01)
      Demand-based pricing is underused in many service industries, because customers are believed to perceive such pricing as unfair. Fencing can be highly effective in improving the perceived fairness of demand-based pricing. ...
    • Have Minimum Wage Increases Hurt the Restaurant Industry? The Evidence Says No! 

      Lynn, Michael; Boone, Christopher (2015-12-16)
      Federal, state, and local laws in the U.S. specify the minimum wages to be paid in their jurisdictions. Recent years have seen an increased interest among many in raising those minimum wages, and there has been some movement ...
    • Heading into Economic Headwinds 

      Liu, Crocker; Nowak, Adam; White, Robert Jr (2022-07-26)
      The price of hotels rose in all regions except the Mid-Atlantic this quarter. Hotel prices in the Mountain and South Atlantic regions reached new statistical highs, while hotel prices in the Pacific region continued to ...
    • Healthcare REITs and their Operator Partnerships 

      Gottlieb, Matt (2015-06-01)
      Over the past 10 to 15 years the senior living industry has grown to become a $315 billion nationwide business. This has spurred the development of healthcare focused real estate investment trusts (REITs) and large-scale ...
    • HEC 59-Commons 

      Hotel Ezra Cornell (2009-01-31)
      A video produced in 1984 for The 59th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell. It shows one of the Function Managers in the Ithaca Commons.
    • HEC 73-Shaken Not Stirred Tribute Video: Tape 9 

      Hotel Ezra Cornell (2009-01-31)
      A video produced in 1998 for The 73rd Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell. It's a tribute video for the theme that year, "Shaken Not Stirred."
    • HEC 75-Function Flow Part 2: Tape 4 

      Cornell, Hotel Ezra (2009-02-18)
      A video made in 2000 for The 75th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell. It is Function Flow, which happens in approximately Feb.
    • HEC 75-Function Flow: Tape 1 

      Cornell, Hotel Ezra (2009-02-18)
      A video made in 2000 for The 75th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell. It is Function Flow, which happens in approximately Feb.
    • Helping Managers Help Themselves: The Use and Utility of On-the-Job Interventions to Improve the Impact of Interpersonal Skills Training 

      Tews, Michael J.; Tracey, J. Bruce (2009-05-01)
      The purpose of this study was to examine the utility of using two posttraining interventions—self-coaching and upward feedback—to enhance the effectiveness of formal training on interpersonal skills for managers. Data from ...
    • Herd Journalism: Investment in Novelty and Popularity in Markets for News 

      Ho, Benjamin; Liu, Peng (2015-01-01)
      Consumers of news care both about the novelty of the news they read, as well as how popular that news topic is with others. Editors choose what to report on based on consumer preferences and the coverage of their competitors. ...
    • High Performance Work Systems for Service Quality: Boundary Conditions and Influence Processes 

      Hong, Ying; Jiang, Yuan; Liao, Hui; Sturman, Michael C. (2016-01-01)
      Drawing on agency theory and the resource-based view, this study examines the moderating effect of hotel ownership structure on the relationship between high-performance work systems for service quality (HPWS-SQs) and ...
    • High-Tech, High-Touch: Highlights from the 2016 Entrepreneurship Roundtable 

      Olsen, Mona Anita Kristiansen; Blumenfeld, Jennifer (2016-11-08)
      More than two-dozen industry leaders met in Ithaca in April 2016 for the second annual Technology Entrepreneurship Roundtable hosted by the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) at Cornell University’s School of Hotel ...
    • Highest and Best Use: The Evolving Paradigm 

      Dotzour, Mark G.; Grissom, Terry V.; Liu, Crocker H. (1990-04-01)
      Highest and Best Use is often identified as the key concept supporting real estate use and value decisions. However, at best the concept has received ambiguous if not conflicting consideration as to its relevance in the ...
    • Highlights from the 2016 Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship Enterprises Roundtable 

      Varney, Jeanne (2016-07-27)
      The April 2016 Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship Enterprises roundtable brought together over 20 faculty, students, and leaders and entrepreneurs from a wide variety of mission-driven enterprises that focus on ...
    • Highlights: WX New York Women Executives in Real Estate 

      Calmet, Krizia (2019-04-25)
      [Excerpt] For the fourth consecutive year, the Cornell Center for Real Estate and Finance and Cornell Real Estate Women hosted its annual WX Panel Discussion held at Statler Hall on March 11. WX New York Women Executives ...