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    • Media Studies 1932: Nancy Cunard in the Archive of Claude McKay 

      Braddock, Jeremy (Modernism/modernity, 2018-05-30)
      This essay examines the 1931-1933 correspondence of Claude McKay and Nancy Cunard, apparently the only surviving set of letters that document the composition of Cunard's Negro anthology (1934). The few scholars who have ...
    • How to Be in Two Places at Once: Listening to the Firesign Theatre in the U.S. and Vietnam 

      Braddock, Jeremy (The Organist / KCRW and McSweeney's, 2017-12-14)
      A podcast that discusses the distinctive way the recordings of the Firesign Theatre were listened to collectively, in the United States and Vietnam, during the years of their Columbia recording contract, 1967-75. Features ...
    • The Firesign Theatre's Wax Poetics: Overdub, Dissonance, and Narrative in the Age of Nixon 

      Braddock, Jeremy (Sounding Out!, 2017-11-27)
      A short article on how the Firesign Theater, during the period of their contract with Columbia Records (1967-75), pioneered a new form of sound-based literary writing using the emerging technologies of multitrack recording, ...
    • A Conversation with Jonathan Culler 

      Culler, Jonathan; Adams, Barry B. (Internet-First University Press, 2015-09-10)
      During his 38 years on the Cornell faculty, Jonathan Culler (successor to M. H. Abrams as Class of 1916 Professor of English) has served as academic administrator as well as teacher and scholar, first as Director of the ...
    • A Conversation with Kenneth A. McClane 

      McClane, Kenneth A.; Adams, Barry B. (Internet-First University Press, 2015-07-27)
      Professor Kenneth McClane reflects on his experience as a Cornell freshman, as a member of the Arts College undergraduate College Scholars Program, as a graduate student in the Cornell English Department, and as the ...
    • A Conversation with Alison Lurie 

      Lurie, Alison; Adams, Barry B. (Internet-First University Press, 2015-07-27)
      As a member of the Cornell English Department, Professor Lurie has taught courses in literature as well as writing. These included treatment of such topics as children’s literature and children in literature that had not ...
    • A Conversation with Jim McConkey 

      McConkey, James R.; Adams, Barry B. (Internet-First University Press, 2015-06-02)
      James McConkey, is Goldwin Smith Professor of English Literature Emeritus at Cornell University. Known for his meditative nonfiction narratives, James McConkey began teaching at Cornell in 1956, as an assistant professor ...
    • Civil War diary Private John Scott 

      Scott, John (1863-12)
    • Newsletters from the Department of English 

      Unknown author (Cornell University, 1991)
    • The Poetic Mind 

      Prescott, Frederick (MacMillan, 1922)
      An important early application of Freud's theories to the study of literature.