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dc.contributor.authorLazaro, Carlos
dc.contributor.authorIbrahimbegovic, Adnan
dc.contributor.authorBrank, Bostjan
dc.contributor.authorIsobe, Daigoro
dc.contributor.authorMonleon, Salvador
dc.contributor.authorIbanez, Fernando
dc.contributor.authorDomingo, Alberto
dc.contributor.authorRomero, Ignacio
dc.contributor.authorArribas, Juan J.
dc.contributor.authorValverde, Juan
dc.contributor.authorArmero, Francisco
dc.description.abstractIASS-IACM 2008 Session: Developments and Applications of Beam & Rod Models Session Organizer: Carlos LAZARO (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) -- Keynote Lecture: "Finite rotation parameters in statics and in dynamics" by Adnan IBRAHIMBEGOVIC (ENS Cachan), Bostjan BRANK (University of Ljubljana) -- "An adaptive finite element code using linear Timoshenko beam elements and its applications" by Daigoro ISOBE (University of Tsukuba) -- "The concept of hyper-beams in the analysis of slender members" by Salvador MONLEON, Fernando IBANEZ, Carlos LAZARO, Alberto DOMINGO (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) -- "A generalized concept of slenderness in the analysis of straight beams with constant cross-section" by Salvador MONLEON, Fernando IBANEZ, Alberto DOMINGO, Carlos LAZARO (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) -- "Element-free solution of geometrically exact rod elastostatics based on intrinsic (material) field variables" by Carlos LAZARO, Salvador MONLEON, Alberto DOMINGO (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) -- "Adding local rotational degrees of freedom to ANC beams" by Ignacio ROMERO, Juan J. ARRIBAS (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid) -- "Finite element modeling of Kirchhoff rods" by Juan VALVERDE, Francisco ARMERO (University of California, Berkeley)en_US
dc.publisherInternet-First University Pressen_US
dc.subjectrotation parametersen_US
dc.subjectfinite element codeen_US
dc.subjectTimoshenko beam elementsen_US
dc.subjectstraight beamsen_US
dc.subjectrod elastostaticsen_US
dc.subjectANC beamsen_US
dc.subjectKirchhoff rodsen_US
dc.titleDevelopments and Applications of Beam & Rod Modelsen_US

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