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dc.contributor.authorTibert, Gunnar
dc.contributor.authorSkelton, Robert
dc.contributor.authorde Oliveura, Mauricio
dc.contributor.authorMicheletti, Andrea
dc.contributor.authorPandia Raj, R.
dc.contributor.authorGuest, Simon D
dc.contributor.authorShigematsu, Mizuki
dc.contributor.authorTanaka, Masato
dc.contributor.authorNoguchi, Hirohisa
dc.contributor.authorMaurin, Bernard
dc.contributor.authorCanadas, Patrick
dc.contributor.authorMotro, Rene
dc.description.abstractIASS-IACM 2008 Session: Advances in the Optimization and Form-finding of Tensegrity Structures Session Organizer: Gunnar TIBERT (KTH, Royal Institute of Technology) -- Keynote Lecture: "Optimal tensegrity structures in bending" by Robert SKELTON, Mauricio de OLIVEIRA (University of California, San Diego) -- "Reciprocal diagrams and stress control of tensegrity systems" by Andrea MICHELETTI (University of Rome "Tor Vergata") -- "Bending-stiff tensegrity masts: Do they exist?" by Gunnar TIBERT (KTH, Royal Institute of Technology) -- "A tensegrity catalogue using point group theory" by R. PANDIA RAJ, Simon D. GUEST (University of Cambridge) -- "Form finding analysis of tensegrity membrane structures based on variational method" by Mizuki SHIGEMATSU, Masato TANAKA, Hirohisa NOGUCHI (Keio University) -- "Tensegrity architecture calculation of the cellular cytoskeleton" by Bernard MAURIN, Patrick CANADAS, Rene MOTRO (Universite Montpellier 2)en_US
dc.publisherInternet-First University Pressen_US
dc.subjectTensegrity Structuresen_US
dc.subjectcellular cytoskeletonen_US
dc.titleAdvances in the Optimization and Form-finding of Tensegrity Structuresen_US

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