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dc.contributor.authorElboth, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorLilja, Didrik
dc.contributor.authorWarzawski, Jakub
dc.contributor.authorSteinsbo, Terje
dc.description.abstractThis video shows a high Re-number unsteady turbulent boundary layer surrounding a long cylinder that is towed through the ocean. Previous work on flow around long cylinders have often focused on the case where the flow-direction is perfectly aligned with the cylinder. In this work we show that in an ocean environment, a cross-flow components is present. This has a significant influence on the shape and development of the turbulent boundary layer.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipFugro Geoteam AS, The Norwegian Research Council and Norwegian Defence Research Establishmenten_US
dc.subjectturbulent flowen_US
dc.subjectseismic streameren_US
dc.titleFluid Dynamics Video of flow around a seismic streameren_US
dc.typevideo/moving imageen_US

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