Student research papers for Professor Ashim Datta's Biomed BEE 4530/Computer-aided Engineering course for 2004.

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  • Diffusion and Binding of Radio-Labeled Antibodies in a Tumor 

    Schweitzer, Andrew; Su, Wan-Lin; Benlifer, Adam; Mathrani, Vikram; Aarismaa, Linda (2004-07-13)
    With the decreasing cost of monoclonal antibody production, radioimmunotherapy (RIT) has rapidly emerged as one of the more promising methods of treating cancer cells. RIT makes use of radio-labeled monoclonal antibodies ...
  • A Cryosurgical Approach to Lung Cancer 

    Cabrera, Edgar Allen; Mullaney, Kerry; Ramirez, Marina (2004-07-13)
    Lung cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United Statesi, presenting the need for more refined treatment options than traditional invasive surgery and chemo- and radiation therapy. This study investigates the ...
  • Ortho Evra: How Effective is the Patch in Women of Varying Weight 

    Kwiatkowski, Peter; Auerbach, Jon; Clouser, Brian; Di Iorio, Daniela; Minchoff, CJ (2004-07-13)
    This study researched the birth control patch, Ortho Evra and the diffusivity of the hormones, ethinyl estradiol and norelogestromin, into the body through the epidermis. We modeled that all of the species that diffused ...
  • Protecting Orange Saplings from Irreparable Frost Damage 

    Buchlis, George; Koetje, Bethany; Kwon, Sang Yeon; Manos, Jamie; Rand, Gabriel (2004-07-13)
    Nocturnal frost and freeze damage can have a major impact on the survival and fruit production of young citrus trees. When temperatures fall below -4oC irreparable damage occurs. Because of this damage, many methods, ...
  • Heat Transfer in Laser Tumor Excision 

    Chen, Alan; Cheung, Edwin; Lee, Steven; Picuri, John; Shih, Tsung Li (2004-07-13)
    Cancer is an ongoing disease that is present in a majority of the population. Laser surgery provides minimally invasive techniques to excise tumors in humans. This method allows quicker recoveries and fewer complications. ...
  • Assessing the Effects of Icing the Body for 20 Minutes 

    Chin, Jonathan; Pham, Hubert; Steck, Alaina; Sterman, Sarah; Sun, Mindy (2004-07-13)
    Icing is one of the most inexpensive and convenient treatments available to reduce inflammation in sore and injured muscles. A commonly purported icing regimen follows a ?20 minutes on, 20 minutes off? cycle, so we ...
  • A Study of the Role of Therapeutic Contact Lenses in Drug Delivery 

    Fung, Evonne Yuewai; Lee, Jennifer; Tong, Anita; Tran, Baotram; Yau, Yuk Yee (Amy) (2004-07-12)
    Glaucoma is an optical condition caused by pressure build up in the eye and is the leading cause of blindness. Current methods to treat glaucoma include medicated eye drops and oral medication, which are both inefficient ...
  • The Risks of LASIK Corrective Eye Surgery: A Mass Transfer Approach to a Universal Concern 

    Ferullo, Julia; Ruggles, Kelly; Lokchander, Bina; Siryk, Christina; Panda, Puneet (2004-06-17)
    The laser vision correction procedure, LASIK, requires a thin flap of the cornea to be created by a microkeratome knife. The focus of this project was to study and quantify the moisture loss from the tiny corneal flap ...
  • In Vitro Scaffold Construction for a Bio-artificial Liver 

    Webster, Brad; Jong Kim, Tak; Chow, Sharon; Wang, Jeff; Tsai, Chrissy (2004-06-17)
    The main focus of this investigation is to design a scaffold that will accommodate a growing Bio-Artificial Liver (BAL) with oxygen. The two design objectives are to find the maximum length and the distance between the ...
  • Put Your Best Teeth Forward: A Mass Transfer Study of Crest Whitestrips 

    vinegar, abby; gaborski, pam; Bermudez, Claudia; Davis, Patty (2004-06-17)
    Crest Whitestrips are thin, liquid films adhered to a plastic exterior that can be applied directly to the tooth, enabling mass transfer of its active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, to penetrate the tooth outer layer. The ...


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