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  • New York State Cannabis sativa L. Production Manual 

    Vergara, Daniela; Shelnutt, Savanna; Grab, Heather; Demetri, Andrew; Rice, Spenser; Barraco III, Anthony; Boudinot, Garrett; Bridgen, Mark; Cala, Ali; Crawford, Jamie; Devine, Corinne; Hanchar, John; Mattson, Neil; McMullen, Patrick; Monserrate-Oyola, Luis Alberto; Ochterski, Angela; Pashow, Lindsey; Reid, Ashya; Reid, Judson; Smart, Christine; Smart, Larry; Smith, Zaria; Snyder, Stephen; Sosnoskie, Lynn; Sparks, Faith Ann; Stack, George; Stansell, Zachary; Ullrich, Maire; Vignale, Lucía; Young, Brandy; Zahl, Bahiya; Zuefle, Marion (2023-04-25)
    The Cannabis sativa L. Production Manual is a living document: a work in progress intended to provide current data and findings about sustainable hemp cultivation to growers and members of the Cannabis industry to ...


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