Members of the Department of City and Regional Planning Concentration in "Economic Development: Communities and Regions" are engaged in research directed at both policy and scholarly audiences. The goal of this working paper series is to present faculty and student work in progress .

The Working Paper Series is organized by a committee composed of CRP faculty and Ph.D. students. Papers submitted for inclusion in the series are reviewed by two members of the committee (or appropriate outside reviewers) for content, quality, and relevance to the concentration.

Recent Submissions

  • What Local Officials Need to Know About Wind Power in Their Communities 

    McCarthy, Kate; VanderMaas, Eric (2010-01-22)
    If the topic of industrial wind development was on the table in your community, where would you begin the discussion? In this working paper, we will provide information to help local officials understand the complicated ...
  • Losing Out on Industrial Policy: The Chicago Case 

    Clavel, Pierre; O'Neill-Kohl, Sara (2010-01-09)
    While other nations were finding ways to intervene productively in their economic machinery in the post-war period, the United States moved from the pragmatic approach of the New Deal period, to avoidance of real economic ...
  • In-Sourcing the Production of America’s Energy Technology 

    Ufberg, Marc (2009-12-27)
    $22 billion in stimulus money has been provided to promote renewable energy projects and re-train workers but amidst the frenzy, something has been missing in the public discussion. While the media has championed the use ...
  • How Local Policies Can Support the Development of Green Jobs 

    Ana Cajina, Kate Hess Pace; Anika Patterson, C.J. Randall (2009-12-28)
    Green jobs and the green economy have received considerable attention from state and national policymakers, particularly in the energy efficiency sector. Local leaders can capitalize on the momentum and facilitate the ...
  • Grass Biomass: A Biofuel Strategy Right for Upstate New York 

    Koenig, Chris; Wellemeyer, Jonathan (2009-12-24)
    Given the steady increase in gas utility rates, it’s becoming more and more desirable for homeowners to seek out energy alternatives for home heating in upstate New York. In this brief we discuss why large-scale liquid ...

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