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    • Cold Therapy of Sporting Injury in Upper Thigh Region: A Comprehensive Study on the Time Required to Achieve Optimal Cooling and the Effects of Swelling 

      Chen, Jack; Chiang, Ian; Hu, Alex; Huland, David; Youn, Paul (2006-05-24)
      One of the most common injuries amongst athletes is soft tissue injury due to impact, and the traditional treatment for this is cold therapy using an ice pack. While this treatment is effective, inexpensive, and easily ...
    • Don’t Breathe on Me 

      Brigham, Rae; Machireddy, Meghana; Sequeira, Yohan (2019-05)
      The contamination of surfaces in public spaces is of great importance to minimizing disease spread. When a large number of people share public spaces in close proximity, aerial disease transmission becomes common, especially ...
    • Modeling a Freeze-Thaw Cycle to Treat Lung Cancer 

      Dugard, Lauren; Hayes, Scott; Holter, Tara; Leviter, Julie (2009-05-08)
      This study examines the effects of pre-freezing on the RF ablation of lung cancer, a widespread disease in the United States. While current treatments utilize cryosurgery or RF ablation to destroy lung tumors, neither ...