Recent Submissions

  • Modeling NK Cell Toxin Diffusion 

    Bryan, Michaela; McLane, Liam; Park, Andy; Tjokorda, Indira (2022-05-27)
    Natural killer (NK) cells are a key part of the body’s innate immune system, killing cells that have been damaged or stressed by infection and controlling the spread of disease while a slower, more powerful adaptive immune ...
  • How do Laser Pointers Damage your Retina? 

    Lee, Joseph; Kuhikar, Sneha; van der Vliet, Riemer (2022-05-27)
    Lasers are devices used for many applications, for instance, in CD burning and reading, to baffle an audience in a light show or to point out details on a projector. The handheld laser or laser pointer is not given much ...
  • Optimizing Nitrogen Fertilizer Quantities in Cereal Crop Root Systems to Minimize Leaching 

    Kuelbs, Chloe; Liu, Jiren; Sadoff, Hunter; Shen, Jeffrey (2022-05-27)
    Loss of nitrogen due to leaching is one of the most pressing issues in agriculture as it leads to excessive crop production costs and pollution. N leaching contributes to atmospheric and aquatic pollution [1]. The production ...
  • Hydrogel Smart Bandage as a Diagnostic Tool for Infection in Burn Wounds 

    Kelly, Abby; Zhai, Mattieu; Li, Alan; Zhu, Jiaming (2022-05-27)
    Every year, almost half a million people are admitted to the emergency room because of burn wounds. Of the thousands of deaths that result from these wounds, more than half are due to complications from infection. An easy ...
  • Victoria’s Secret Problem: Heat Loss in Mastectomy Patients 

    Chen, Hsin Huei; Irons, Kelly; Lee, Taehee; Mathur, Shubham (2022-05-27)
    Mastectomies are performed to treat or prevent the risk of breast cancer. Annually, over 100,000 women in the US undergo some form of mastectomy [1]. Approximately 40% of women who undergo mastectomies elect to undergo ...


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