The Cornell Maple Program exists to improve the production and use of maple products by working with producers, consumers, and others interested in this local product. Our goal is to provide information on maple syrup production and guidelines for creating value-added products. This sub-community archives some of the information from the Cornell Maple Program. More information can be found on the program website.

Recent Submissions

  • Getting Started: Value-Added Products 

    Belisle, Catherine (2022-12)
    The objective of this document is to provide guidelines on how to produce and sell packaged value-added maple foods and beverages. This document does not include regulatory requirements for unpackaged products sold at fairs ...
  • Basics of Maple Marshmallow 

    Belisle, Catherine; Clyne, Ailis (2022-10)
    The Cornell Maple Program has developed a maple marshmallow recipe. This fact sheet provides guidelines for commercial production, including an overview of marshmallow composition, a recipe, regulation requirements, ...
  • Maple Cream Troubleshooting 

    Belisle, Catherine (2022-07)
    The Cornell Maple Program has developed guidelines for addressing issues commonly encountered when making maple cream. Maple cream is a thick, smooth, spreadable confection derived from maple syrup. Its peanut butter-like ...
  • Maple Sports Drink 

    Belisle Ph.D., Catherine (2022-06-22)
    The Cornell Maple Program developed athlete-approved recipes for a Tart Cherry and a Tangerine Maple Sports Drink. The fact sheet provides recipes, regulatory and preservation information, and other details to help an ...
  • Mappleau: A Maple Liqueur 

    Mercado Acevedo, Christian Joel (2022)
    Mappleau is a maple-derived liqueur from distilled maple wine and sweetened with maple syrup. The fact sheet provides production information and the flavor profile of Mappleau using Grade A and Buddy syrup. A second document ...


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