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dc.contributor.authorDunn, Amara
dc.contributor.authorLamb, Elizabeth
dc.descriptionNYS IPM Type: Project Report
dc.description.abstractAs users look for alternatives to conventional pesticides for disease and insect management, sales of biopesticides in the US are increasing. There are many advantages to using biopesticides, including reduced toxicity to applicators and fewer undesirable environmental effects, their potential as rotational products to reduce the development of pesticide resistance, short restricted entry periods that fit well into production and landscape uses, and compatibility with biological control organisms. However, it can be difficult to find a single source where ornamental growers and landscape professionals can compare the efficacy of products, including biopesticides. Growers indicated that not knowing if biopesticides work and needing more information on how to use them limited their use. We created a database of biopesticides labeled for management of insect, disease, and weed pests of ornamental crops and landscapes by collating information gathered from a set of sources to provide growers with one resource for comparing the efficacy of these pesticides. Data were converted into a single efficacy rating while still including as much original information as possible. The database has information on 13 insect pest types, 19 diseases, grass and broadleaf weeds, 30 biofungicides plus additional strains and combinations, and 8 bioinsecticides plus additional strains and combinations. To make this database more easily used, a system allowing growers to input search terms relevant to their own operations to retrieve only the results with value to them will be created and presented to the ornamentals industry.
dc.publisherNew York State Integrated Pest Management Program
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
dc.subjectAgricultural IPM
dc.subjectCommunity IPM
dc.titleBiopesticides for ornamental production and landscape use: Creating a database of efficacy information and training people to use it

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