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    • Gas Stations of New Mexico 

      Hand, Ashley (2020-12)
      Gas Stations of New Mexico is a collection of short stories, many of which are linked, that explores the nature of love, friendship, heartbreak, wealth divide, PTSD, and female sexuality.
    • Daughter Dialectic 

      Le, Chi (2020-12)
      The poems in this manuscript, mostly lyric, center around familial relationships and study them as intimate spheres absorbing as well as mirrors reflecting socio-political histories, especially the enduring presence of ...
    • Aircraft 

      Martinez, Yessica (2020-12)
      A creative thesis
    • Mule 

      Piha, Elie (2021-12)
      Mule is about a young veteran who moves to California to help his childhood friend Ronnie sell pot. Working with them is Ronnie’s brother Bitz, also a combat veteran and a charming and dangerous force in the business. Mule ...
    • Hood Hunting, A Novel & Other Stories 

      Romero, Robert (2021-12)
    • TRIM 

      Makridis, Elisávet (2021-12)
    • In Small Boxes 

      Rafiq, Zahid (2021-12)
      A collection of short stories set in Kashmir.
    • Blush 

      Rhee, Alice (2021-12)
    • Growing Up Hating Watermelon 

      Felton, Briel (2021-12)
      This is an MFA Thesis.
    • Hypnagogia Transcripts 

      Codera, Lily Crane (2021-12)