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    • The Body Was There 

      Hutchinson, Shakarean (2018-12)
      In the summer of 2014, twelve-year-old girl Odessa discovers that she is part of a line of “crossers,” women who move between the worlds of the living and the dead. Their job is to help those confined to a middle plane, a ...
    • Horizonink 

      Warren, Lindsey Nichole (2018-12)
      This is an M.F.A. thesis and an abstract is not required.
    • Sepulchritude 

      Correa, Cristina (2018-12)
    • Flowers for Gods 

      Pun, Rama (2018-12)
    • Foragers 

      Gilbert, Peter William (2018-12)
      This is a work of fiction. Set in the near future, Foragers concerns a young, extremist couple inflicting acts of domestic terrorism along the west coast, fleeing pursuit of a detective bent on holding them accountable to ...
    • Slime Child 

      Mercurio, Emily Rosello (2018-12)
      A collection of poems.
    • Late and Other Stories 

      Mercier, Alice Louise (2019-12)
      Alice Louise Mercier Late and Other Stories MFA Thesis Cornell University December 2019
    • Aletheia 

      Smith, Sasha S (2019-12)
      Aletheia is a long poem sequence under the pattern of the fibonacci code and the golden ratio. It explores the state of Being and Becoming through the creation and destruction of the universe and human body.
    • Startlers and their Eating Habits 

      Turski, Alice Lise (2019-12)
    • Strada Belgrad 

      Pattison, Charlotte McCall (2019-12)
      MFA thesis in creative writing.
    • The Water House 

      Ike-Njoku, Nneoma (2019-12)
    • Universal Payphone 

      Barnes, Remy (2019-12)
    • Erratic Radio 

      Hewitt, Christopher Matthew (2019-12)
      This manuscript contains 37 poems about a variety of topics.
    • Lash Apologia 

      Revel, Frances (2019-12)
    • The Visitors 

      Asi, Anum (2020-08)
      A novel that follows four women from Karachi, Pakistan, estranged friends who come back together in the wake of a tragedy in one of their lives.
    • Invisible Creatures 

      Diaz, Kathryn Rebecca (2020-08)
      It is the last summer of the 19th century and the last summer Sarah and Helen will have together before Helen marries her wealthy fiance. It is also Sarah's last chance to confess her true feelings for her friend and beg ...
    • Queen of the Dryads 

      Veltfort, Sophia (2020-12)
      ABSTRACT In _Queen of the Dryads_, women navigate the competing narratives and projections that structure their lives. They read and misread; they negotiate and misconstrue. They confront moments when such fictions come ...
    • And They All Fall 

      McCray, Anastasia (2020-12)
      And They All Fall is a collection of experimental poetry in Afrofuturism dealing with how Blackness warps time, space, and history. From biblical retellings and apocalypse narratives to star-mapping and plague-charting, ...
    • Interlocutor Goddess 

      Reid, Jasmine (2020-12)
      From the Latin meaning “secret” or “non-canonical,” apocrypha denotes a statement or story of doubtful authenticity or unknown authorship. So disbelieved, the set of texts known as the biblical apocrypha have been excised ...
    • Box Car Joy Ride 

      Gomez, Carlos Rafael (2020-12)
      BOX CAR JOY RIDE, 122k words, is a literary fiction, coming-of-age novel about loss, love, and legacy within a Cuban-American family. Narrated by Julian Martínez, Jr., BCJR follows dual timelines set in alternating chapters: ...