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    • Traveling Together Apart 

      Cecil, James (2010-04-09)
    • After August 

      Jardine, Samson (2017-01-30)
      A book of poems.
    • Until the Mother 

      Wheelwright, Tess (2017-01-30)
      Set in Mexico City, with a sally to the peyote deserts of San Luis Potosí, this novel follows the reverberations through the lives of three expat teachers of the kidnapping of a troubled student from an elite high school.
    • Jubilee 

      Vines, Christine E. (2017-01-30)
    • We Have Always Been Here 

      Nguyen, Lena (2017-01-30)
      A science fiction manuscript for the Creative Writing MFA program at Cornell University.
    • Freaky Willy & Other Stories 

      Saracini, Kirsten (2017-01-30)
      A collection of three novellas.
    • Daughter//Tongue 

      Masum-Javed, Aurora (2017-01-30)
      Daughter//Tongue, a collection of poems, traces the relationship between the speaker and her mother.
    • Bound 

      Williams, Korey (2017-01-30)
      Prose Poetry Novella
    • An Advanced Placement 

      Goold, Elizabeth Ann Baird (2017-05)
      The following is a collection of poems experimenting with the mutable permanence of memory, time, space, and personhood within my childhood home, a small working farm in Central Illinois. The poems serve as both record and ...
    • Decolonize Your Love 

      Anica, Rocio (2017-12)
      A first-person feminist picaresque about a Chicanx inspired by the turbulent history of the California missions—the myriad ways the missions and their perpetrated genocide of local tribes—thus embarking on a long solo ...
    • La Cuna del Diablo & other stories 

      Ríos, Leo (2017-12)
    • Homebodies 

      Kowalski, Shane (2017-12)
      A very short ambiguous novel
    • A Feast of Small Beasts 

      Giannone, Mario Thomas (2017-12)
    • Butt Magic: Poems 

      Jay, Jasmine V. (2017-12)
    • In Cloud Country 

      Prior, Michael (2017-12)
      A collection of poems.
    • Self and Other Portraits 

      Marcous, Cary Alizabeth (2017-12)
      The poems in this manuscript are an experiment of voice and form in poetic portraiture. While many contain or point to surface details, most primarily draw from inner life, voice and monologue, to explore a more internal, ...
    • One Day, Another 

      Surendranathan, Hema (2018-08)
      This thesis considers protagonists in states of limitation, distress and impenetrableness. My work moves between the real and the lyrical as a means of considering the potentials available in states of emotional and material ...
    • Bloom, Osha 

      Giannone, Neal (2018-12)
    • Selective Sync 

      Moon, Carl Justin (2018-12)
    • Infamy 

      Berardino, Christopher Seiji (2018-12)
      Infamy is a novel about the Japanese internment camps.