Recent Submissions

  • Why Is My Milk Blue?: China's Food Safety Crisis and Scale Politics 

    Yasuda, John (East Asia Program, Cornell University, 2015-03-16)
    China's food safety
  • Japanese Videogames as Cultural Artifacts 

    Hutchinson, Rachael (East Asia Program, Cornell University, 2022-04-18)
    What are we learning when we play video games from Japan? Rachael Hutchinson (University of Delaware) examines the cultural content of Japanese videogames through character design, background setting and environment, ...
  • Robo-Sexism: Gendering AI and Robots 

    Robertson, Jennifer (East Asia Program, Cornell University, 2022-04-22)
    Jennifer Robertson, Professor Emerita, Anthropology and History of Art, University of Michigan In humans, gender constitutes an array of learned behaviors that are cosmetically enabled and enhanced. Gender(ed) behaviors ...
  • Qiufan Chen | 2041: How Chinese Science Fiction Imagines Our Future 

    Chen, Qiufan (East Asia Program, Cornell University, 2022-04-28)
    The greatest value of science fiction is not in providing answers, but rather in raising questions. Can AI help humans prevent the next global pandemic by eliminating it at the very root? How can we deal with future job ...
  • Cold War Reckonings: In the Shadow of Solzhenitsyn 

    Kim Watson, Jini (East Asia Program, Cornell University, 2022-04-01)
    Cold War Reckonings: In the Shadow of Solzhenitsyn with Jini Kim Watson, NYU. How did the Cold War shape political modernity in the decolonizing world, and what do literature and literary networks reveal about such ...


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