Publications of the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network.

Recent Submissions

  • Summary of Cayuga Lake and its watersheds 1927 to 2008 

    Bouldin, David (2012-12-05)
    The data base consisted of Cayuga Lake data from 1927, 1968-1974 and 2000 to 2008 and water shed data from 1972 through 2008 – overall on the order of more than 2000 samples. An excel spreadsheet was developed to analyze ...
  • Lake and Phosphorus Inputs: A Focus on Management 

    Bouldin, David; Capener, H.R.; Casler, G.L.; Durfee, A.E.; Loehr, R.C.; Ogelsby, R.T.; Young, R.J. (New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1977)
    Dissolved phosphorus is the element that most influences the productivity of freshwater lakes and impoundments. Algae affect the quality and appearance of water. They affect the level of fish production. They also affect ...
  • Guide to surface water quality monitoring in the Cayuga Lake watershed 

    Anderson, Sharon; Cushman, Susan; Haith, Doug; Johnston, Roxanne; Mawdsley, John; Vawter, A. Thomas; Cayuga Lake Watershed Network, Inc.; Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization (2009-08-10)
    The Cayuga Lake Watershed (CLW) is home to many municipal agencies, educational institutions, non-governmental environmental organizations and citizens? groups with significant interests in the quality of the lake and its ...
  • Smart Steps for Clean Water 

    Anderson, Sharon; Payne, Holly (Cayuga Lake Watershed Network, Inc, 2004-04)
    Smart Steps for Clean Water lists practical steps individuals, families and communities can take to protect clean water, with a focus on Cayuga Lake and its tributaries. Two pages of background information cover the ...


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