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dc.contributor.authorLou, Wenbo
dc.description65 pages
dc.description.abstractAutonomous mobile robot nowadays has more and more applications, ranging from everyday application such as food delivery to scientific applications. In many operation scenario, the robot needs to move to a target with high precision under disturbances, sensor noises and many other restrictions. The CCTA-p project presents such a complex setting for the mobile robot to operate, in which a differential drive robot traverses telescope's mirrors to place a measurement device to a set of predefined measurement points. This thesis addresses some of challenges aroused from the project's requirements, such as arriving at the target with very high precision and handling different emergency situations, through the designs of a localization algorithm and a motion control scheme. Meanwhile, the thesis also presents a novel approach for indoor localization by fusing inertial measurements with the laser based external measurement (Etalon) through Kalman Filter. The performance of the designs would be studied in a customizely developed simulation software.
dc.subjectDifferential Drive
dc.subjectKalman Filter
dc.titleDesign of high precision indoor localization algorithm with Kalman Filter and motion control scheme for an autonomous mobile robot
dc.typedissertation or thesis Engineering University of Science, Mechanical Engineering
dc.contributor.chairSavransky, Dmitry
dc.contributor.committeeMemberFerrari, Silvia

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