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dc.contributor.authorNovember, Nancy Rachelen_US
dc.descriptionA winner of the John S. Knight Assignment Sequence Prize, this sequence originates from Music 111, Sound, Sense, and Ideas: Genius, Fantasy, and Reverie-Music History through Myths and Legends. The sequence, which includes preparatory writing and activities including reading responses, outlines, revision, peer review, and attention to language, describes two units of the course, Units 2 (Beethoven Reception I: Periodization) and 4 (The Mozart Myths). Both units ask students to adopt the voices and perspectives of others for a two-fold purpose: (1) to experience a variety of rhetorical frameworks through reading and writing, with a view to broadening their own palette of possible approaches to writing and to develop unique voices of their own; (2) to consciously use writing to explore and actively engage with crux points in the texts. 13 page pdfen_US
dc.subjectrhetorical situationen_US
dc.titleExploring the Writer's Voiceen_US
dc.typelearning objecten_US

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