This is a location for storing Mann Library-related items that are listed in the Library Catalog or linked to from Confluence. Confluence has a limit of 15MB per attached file so we need a place to store larger files and link to them from within Confluence.

Recent Submissions

  • CALS Memorial Trees 

    Cowett, Fred (2010-02-25)
    A list of CALS Memorial Trees on the Cornell University campus, including those on the Ag Quad, and a map of those trees on the Ag Quad. The following data is provided for each tree: common name, Latin name, species code, ...
  • Toshiba D-VR610KU Owner's Manual 

    Toshiba Corporation (2008-11-26)
  • Interview with Ari van Tienhoven 

    van Tienhoven, Ari (2008-06-23)
    This video contains a 5/6/2008 interview with Dr. Ari van Tienhoven, Emeritus Professor of Animal Physiology at Cornell University.


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