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dc.contributor.authorSteinhart, Gail
dc.contributor.authorSaylor, John
dc.contributor.authorAlbert, Paul
dc.contributor.authorAlpi, Kristine
dc.contributor.authorBaxter, Pam
dc.contributor.authorBrown, Eli
dc.contributor.authorChiang, Kathy
dc.contributor.authorCorson-Rikert, Jon
dc.contributor.authorHirtle, Peter
dc.contributor.authorJenkins, Keith
dc.contributor.authorLowe, Brian
dc.contributor.authorMcCue, Janet
dc.contributor.authorRuddy, David
dc.contributor.authorSilterra, Rick
dc.contributor.authorSolla, Leah
dc.contributor.authorStewart-Marshall, Zoe
dc.contributor.authorWestbrooks, Elaine L.
dc.description.abstractAdvances in computational capacity and tools, coupled with the accelerating collection and accumulation of data in many disciplines, are giving rise to new modes of conducting research. Infrastructure to promote and support the curation of digital research data is not yet fully-developed in all research disciplines, scales, and contexts. Organizations of all kinds are examining and staking out their potential roles in the areas of cyberinfrastructure development, data-driven scholarship, and data curation. The purpose of the Cornell University Library's (CUL) Data Working Group (DaWG) is to exchange information about CUL activities related to data curation, to review and exchange information about developments and activities in data curation in general, and to consider and recommend strategic opportunities for CUL to engage in the area of data curation. This white paper aims to fulfill this last element of the DaWG's charge.en_US
dc.subjectdata curationen_US
dc.subjectresearch dataen_US
dc.titleDigital Research Data Curation: Overview of Issues, Current Activities, and Opportunities for the Cornell University Libraryen_US

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