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dc.contributor.authorBuckley, Ellie
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this project was to identify recent library building projects for the Olin renovation team to visit before the architects start to sketch out Olin design: ?Which libraries should we visit that have recent, renovations/constructions that are user-focused, innovative, that can inform CUL?s design?? Pat Schafer requested this work on behalf of the Olin Renovation Team. This report contains mini profiles for 10 recent building projects: 5 candidates for onsite visits and 5 candidates for ?virtual visits.? Selected sites were chosen based on the following loosely-defined criteria: user-centric focus (most all purported to have a user-centric focus), innovative design features, and apparent similarity to CUL?s user profile and/or renovation scope. A mini-profile for each site is included.en_US
dc.titleOlin Renovation Site Visiten_US

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