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    • Defending dairy: the environmental front 

      Herrick, Danielle; Littrell, Laura (2020)
      This film addresses the different ways that dairy farmers are currently working to reduce their carbon footprint and make dairy production a more sustainable practice. There are interviews by Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, who ...
    • Centering voices 

      Moore, Sophia (2020)
      A documentary short film centering the voice and experiences of a minority farmer in America.
    • Biocontrol nematodes: a future in sustainable pest control 

      Konka, Maggie (2020)
      This film is based around an interview with Elson Shields, in which he describes how he came up with the idea of using nematodes to help control agricultural pests in New York state. In this film he details what these ...
    • Agritourism: more than ag and more than tourism 

      Feely, Kaitlyn; Spolarich, Catherine (2020)
      This short documentary explores the economic, social, and environmental benefits of agrotourism. It includes footage from Wegmans, The Ithaca Farmers Market, Indian Creek farms and interviews with farmers and agritourists.