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dc.contributor.authorYahalom-Mack, Naama
dc.contributor.authorZorn, Jeffrey R.
dc.contributor.authorEliyahu-Behar, Adi
dc.contributor.authorShilstein, Sana
dc.contributor.authorShalev, Sariel
dc.descriptionPp. 195–204 in Excavations at Dor, Final Report, Volume IIB—Area G, The Late Bronze and Iron Ages: Pottery, Artifacts, Ecofacts and Other Studies, eds. A. Gilboa; I. Sharon; J. R. Zorn; and S. Matskevich. Qedem Reports 11. Jerusalem: Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israelen_US
dc.description.abstractDiscussion first of the metal working installations, artifacts and waste products recovered from Phase 10 in Area G at Tel Dor, Israel. Brief discussion the the waste products found in Phases 11-12 as well. This is followed by a reconstruction of the resmelting process evident in phase 10 and concludes with a look at how Dor fits into the wider trends in metallurgy in the transition from the Late Bronze Age into the Iron Age.en_US
dc.subjectTel Doren_US
dc.subjectIron Ageen_US
dc.subjectLate Bronze Ageen_US
dc.titleMetalworking in Area Gen_US
dc.typebook chapteren_US

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