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dc.contributor.authorChase, L. E.
dc.contributor.authorReed, K. F.
dc.description.abstractPhosphorus (P) is a key mineral in dairy cattle rations and farm nutrient management. In the dairy cow, P is essential for bone growth and repair, nerve function muscle contraction and acid-base buffering in blood and the rumen. Phosphorus is also a key element for energy metabolism at the cellular level. In crops, P is an essential element in photosynthesis and stimulates root development. Phosphorus is needed for energy transfer and is component of DNA which is required for plant growth and reproduction. Management of P in agricultural, urban and natural ecosystems has become an increasingly important topic because increasing P levels in aquatic environments has led to ecosystem imbalances including harmful algal blooms. The goals of P management on the dairy farm are to provide adequate P in the ration to support milk production, reproduction and health while minimizing excretion of manure P which can be lost to the environment.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipDepartment of Animal Science Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Allianceen_US
dc.subjectdairy cattleen_US
dc.subjectdairy farmen_US
dc.subjectNY dairyen_US
dc.titleScience and Industry Work to Improve Phosphorus Management on New York Dairy Farmsen_US
dc.typefact sheeten_US

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