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dc.contributor.authorLoeb, Gregory
dc.description.abstractAnother growing season is upon us and it’s a good time to be thinking about, and preparing for, potential arthropod pests that you might encounter this year. My goals for this review are to 1) highlight the main arthropod pests to keep in mind as the season progresses, including new invasive insects that pose a risk to grapes, 2) provide some basic background on biology and ecology that helps in understanding different approaches to management, 3) summarize relevant results from recent research, and 4) provide an update on changes in chemical control options. I want to acknowledge and thank the extension educators out in the grape growing regions of New York and Pennsylvania for their assistance and input for this review. Let me get started by highlighting substantive changes in the NY and Pennsylvania Grape Guidelines for 2021.en_US
dc.publisherCornell Universityen_US
dc.subjectgrape insect control, research findings, cultural practices, Greg Loeb, 2021, grape ipm, grape pathology, vineyard managementen_US
dc.titleGrape Insect and Mite Pests, 2021 Field Seasonen_US
schema.accessibilitySummaryAccessible .pdf with reading order, alternative text, headings.en_US

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