This collection contains outreach resources and other materials developed and/or compiled by the Recycling Ag Plastics Project (RAPP), a Cornell-based collaborative promoting life-cycle stewardship of agricultural plastics.

More information is available at an archived version of Dr. Levitan's Cornell web page.

Recent Submissions

  • Biology & Community Intertwined: Example of Smallpox 

    Levitan, Lois (Presented at the Symposium Role and Responsibilities of the Land Grant System in Building Community Strengths to Address Biohazards, Cornell University, 2003-09-08)
    This presentation opened a two-day symposium held at Cornell University in September 2003 to explore how biological and social factors are intertwined in the development of and response to environmental and health risks. ...
  • Smallpox—The Disease & Vaccine. A “Guide to Issues” for CCE Educators 

    Levitan, Lois; Miller, Sara (2003-10)
    Since 1979, when a worldwide campaign succeeded in eradicating the pox, there have been no natural cases of smallpox. In recent decades children have not been vaccinated against smallpox and the immunity of adults vaccinated ...


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