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    • A Green New World: Sustainable Labor in the 21st Century (Issue 2, Fall 2019) 

      Undergraduate Labor Institute (2019)
      [Excerpt] Climate change is undoubtedly the defining crisis of our time, so much so that future scholars may look back and use it to define our very epoch. Given that labor is the source of all value in society, we saw it ...
    • The New Normal: Work in the COVID-19 Era (Issue 4, Fall 2020) 

      Undergraduate Labor Institute (2020)
      [Excerpt] After analyzing the unemployment trends and COVID-19 responses in China, Italy, and the United States, it can ultimately be be concluded that countries with a delayed pandemic response suffered higher unemployment ...
    • The Year of the Strike (Issue 1, Spring 2019) 

      Undergraduate Labor Institute (2019-04)
      The founding executive board of the Undergraduate Labor Institute at Cornell University is proud to present the inaugural issue of our research report. This Spring, fourteen undergraduate policy analysts from the School ...