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Coming from an artistic background in filmmaking and a technological one in electronic engineering design, I began to create interactive video installations in 1988 that involved the viewer's own image and response to that image. As I continued to use computers and video in live interactive installations, I began to understand that computer systems could provide unique metaphors and analogies that could be used in pursuing psychological issues relating to perception, memory and cognition. The viewer's perception of memory and time in relation to the computer's handling of memory and time continues to be important in my work.


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    2005 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Campbell, Jim (2007-01-04T15:59:32Z)
    Two projects are proposed that look at computer data as a malleable construct and suggest possible directions for what a fictional data type might be in the context of artistic based representations. The first work Walking is a dynamic light based installation that involves the representation of a series of 1 dimensional computer data streams as a series of 1 dimensional representations over time as rhythms of light and uses physical objects to bring meaning to the computer rendering of this handmade fictional data. The second work Weather Projection is a web based work that internally starts with the data of a few descriptive words that define he circumstances in a distant location and magnifies and exaggerates these words to the extreme point of creating a personal narrative movie (with the help of the viewer). These two works are at opposite ends of a spectrum that is defined by the complexity of the transformation used to represent a piece of data.