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    • Achieving Public Understanding of Research in Developing Countries 

      Lewenstein, Bruce V.; Joubert, Marina; Radin, Joanna (Cornell University Department of Communication, 2002-12)
      This set of webpages documents a workshop on "Achieving Public Understanding of Research in Developing Countries." The goal of the workshop was to explore differences between how "public understanding of science" is ...
    • Annual Report 2005 - Halls of Preeminence: Research at Cornell 

      Unknown author (Cornell University Office of the Vice Provost for Research, 2005)
      The state of research at Cornell remains vibrant and vital. This report deals with an issue of significant national importance: the role of the research university in the nation?s economic health. The report recommends ...
    • Annual Report 2006 - Distinctive, Dynamic Cutting-Edge: Research at Cornell 

      Unknown author (Cornell University Office of the Vice Provost for Research, 2006)
      The past year has been highlighted by progress on numerous fronts across the university. Energies of faculty, staff, and students have been directed toward new ideas, new actions, and new facilities. It has been a time of ...
    • Annual Report 2007 - Emerging Dimensions: Research at Cornell 

      Unknown author (Office of the Vice Provost for Research, 2007)
      The imagination and energy of the Cornell faculty are impressive. Because of the faculty’s peerless drive, Cornell is witnessing a broadening of its already rich, distinctive legacy in the physical sciences and engineering, ...
    • Aquavet®: A Program in Aquatic Veterinary Medicine 

      Cornell University. College of Veterinary Medicine; University of Pennsylvania. School of Veterinary Medicine (Cornell University. College of Veterinary Medicine, 2011-11-30)
      Contents include: General Information; [Course description of] Aquavet I: Introduction to Aquatic Veterinary Medicine; [Course description of] Aquavet II: Comparative Pathology of Aquatic Animals; Summer Research; Faculty; ...
    • AskNSDL 

      Syracuse University School of Information Sciences (2013-11-06)
      AskNSDL was created as a virtual reference desk service to provide information from experts to NSDL visitors via a question and answer format. The link goes to the archived version of the service.
    • Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears eZine 

      Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science and Reading; Byrd Polar Research Center; Columbus Center for Science and Industry; Upper Arlington Public Library; NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      Using NCore OnRamp, a content management and communications system, and Expert Voices, an online magazine for K5 teachers was created that included twenty issues about polar science topics commonly found in the elementary ...
    • Conference program: Forum on Academic Publishing in the Humanities 

      Unknown author (Cornell University Library, 2013-10-14)
      Conference program web page for the Forum on Academic Publishing in the Humanities held the November 8, 2008, at Cornell University.
    • Connecting with Cornell volume 19, issue 2 (Fall 2006): Collisions of the Smallest Kind: Cornell's Accelerator-based Sciences 

      Unknown author (Cornell University Office of the Vice Provost for Research, 2006)
      The red brick columns face an unassuming parking lot on Campus Road across from Alumni Fields. One might write them off as part of Cornell's physical plant until walking past and seeing the words, Wilson Synchrotron ...
    • Connecting with Cornell volume 20, issue 1 (Spring/Summer 2007) 

      Unknown author (Office of the Vice Provost for Research, 2007)
      In this issue of Connecting with Cornell, researchers reveal much about things that fly. Faculty researchers tell us fascinating stories of their discoveries about how bats walk, how songbirds learn their songs, how ...
    • Connecting with Cornell volume 21, issue 1 (2008) 

      Unknown author (Office of the Vice Provost for Research, 2008)
      One of Cornell’s greatest assets is its ability to foster an interdisciplinary research culture. That culture is seen at work in this issue of Connecting with Cornell as it spans the 230 miles between the Cornell-Ithaca ...
    • Connecting with Cornell volume 22, issue 1-2 (2009) 

      Unknown author (Office of the Vice Provost for Research, 2009)
      In this Issue: Research in Progress - 11 of Cornell' s young faculty talk with the editor about their research, exploring a broad range of topics and explaining how they got hooked on their fields; "Any Person ... Any ...
    • Digital Content Delivery Platforms Web Archive 

      Kehoe, William; Kurth, Martin; Mericle, Danielle; Paulson, Joy; Rieger, Oya; Corson-Rikert, Jonathan; Silterra, Enrico; Arnstein, Matthew; Jenkins, Keith; Bakula, Jena; Martinez, Peter; Halpern, Gale; Kozak, George; Smith, Adam; Demello, David; Newhart, Mary; Webb, Frances; Ruddy, David; Payette, Sandra; Wilper, Christopher (Cornell University Library, 2007)
      The Web Archive of the Digital Content Delivery Platforms Forum contains presentations that facilitated the discussion of content software and system issues. The Forum facilitated information sharing among the Library staff ...
    • A Distributed Digital Library of Mathematical Monographs - Website 

      Ruddy, David (2004)
      This is a PDF representation of a website that described and documented a digital library project carried out during 2001-2003. The project was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. ...

      Coffman, Charlotte (2015-09)
      FABRICATIONS introduces basic fabric construction techniques for young people to learn to weave, braid, twine, wrap and knot yarns into decorative textiles. A final Design Challenge requires youth to design and create a ...
    • Graphics Conservation Laboratory (Web Page) 

      Petukhova, Tatyana (2009-06-30)
      This web page describes the activities of the Graphics Conservation Laboratory (1987-2009) at Cornell University Library. The laboratory provided conservation and teaching services to Cornell University for over twenty two ...
    • Library Technical Services Web Site Archive (tsweb) 

      Unknown author (2009-05-04)
      This is an archival copy of the CUL Technical Services Web Site (formerly known as tsweb and previously available at
    • MAS 2010: Project Team Website 

      Rieger, Oya (2003)
      This is a PDF representation of a website that supported a project carried out within the Cornell University Library in 2002 and 2003. The project was funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and investigated physical and ...
    • NCore website 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      NCore is the the NSDL open-source suite of tools and services used for creating production digital libraries, such as, repository systems, and content-rich STEM learning environments. A core function of the NSDL ...
    • NSDL Communications and Promotional materials 

      NSDL Project (2013-11-06)
      An online archive of the communications and marketing documents produced by the NSDL Project. This includes presentations, news releases, annual reports, and conference materials.