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    • The A-B transition in superfluid 3He under confinement in a thin slab geometry 

      Zhelev, Nikolay; Abhilash, Thanniyil Sebastian; Smith, Eric; Bennett, Robert; Rojas, Xavier; Levitin, Lev; Saunders, John; Parpia, Jeevak (2017)
      The influence of confinement on the topological phases of superfluid 3He is studied using the torsional pendulum method. We focus on the phase transition between the chiral A-phase and the time-reversal-invariant B-phase, ...
    • Data from two 2017 J. Mechanisms Robotics Papers about the Steinkamp Hopper 

      Steinkamp, Peter; Stiesberg, Gregg; van Oijen, Tim; Ruina, Andy (2017-03-02)
      This data is supplementary material for two papers about the Steinkamp hopper. They are "A statically-unstable passive hopper: design evolution" by Peter Steinkamp and "Steinkamp's toy can hop 100 times but can't stand ...