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    • Qi Wang Faculty Bio 

      Wang, Qi (2015-05-01)
    • QQ Plots, Random Sets and Data from a Heavy Tailed Distribution 

      Das, B.; Resnick, S. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 2007-02)
      QQ Plots, Random Sets and Data from a Heavy Tailed Distribution
    • The QQ-Estimator and Heavy Tails 

      Kratz, M. F.; Resnick, S. I. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 1995-03)
      The QQ-Estimator and Heavy Tails
    • QR Factorization Algorithms for Coarse-Grained Distributed Systems 

      Bischof, Christian H. (Cornell University, 1988-08)
      We present the techniques of adaptive blocking and incremental condition estimation which we believe to be useful for the computation of common matrix decompositions in high-performance environments. We apply these new ...
    • The Quad, Volume 10, Issue 1 

      Mendelson, Brian; Scheines, Emily; Nawaz, Yasir; Myron, T. J.; Stewart, Brian; Giedinghagen, Andrea; Ingraham, Laurel; Crawford, Dan; Shishkin, Konstantin; Suarez-Rubio, Santiago; Bernardo, Katrina; Tobenkin, Billy; Puleo, Connor; Waldo, Amanda; Lucks, Emily; Berenson, Dmitry (The Quad: Literary Magazine, 2004-10)
      The Quad is a literary and art magazine celebrating its tenth year at Cornell. We publish poetry, prose, and art on any subject from any author. This is our fall 2004 issue. Enjoy!
    • Quadratic Blending Surfaces 

      Hoffmann, Christoph M.; Hopcroft, John E. (Cornell University, 1985-04)
    • A Quadratic Cone Relaxation-Based Algorithm For Linear Programming 

      Sondjaja, Mutiara (2014-08-18)
      We present and analyze a linear programming (LP) algorithm based on replacing the non-negative orthant with larger quadratic cones. For each quadratic relaxation that has an optimal solution, there naturally arises a ...
    • Quadratic Programming is in NP 

      Vavasis, Stephen A. (Cornell University, 1990-02)
      Quadratic programming is an important example of optimization with applications to engineering design, coombinatorical optimization, game theory, and economics. Garey and Johnson [1979] state that quadratic programming ...
    • Quadratic Programming with M-Matrices 

      Luk, Franklin T.; Pagano, Marcello (Cornell University, 1979-10)
      In this paper, we study the problem of quadratic programming with M-matrices. We describe (1) an effective algorithm for the case where the variables are subject to a lower bound constraint, and (2) an analogous algorithm ...
    • A Quadratically Convergent Newton-Like Method Based Upon Gaussian-Elimination 

      Brown, Kenneth M. (Cornell University, 1968-08)
      A Quadratically Convergent Newton-Like Method Based Upon Gaussian-Elimination
    • A Quadratically-Convergent Algorithm for the Linear Programming Problem with Lower and Upper Bounds 

      Coleman, Thomas F.; Li, Yuying (Cornell University, 1990-04)
      We present a new algorithm to solve linear programming problems with finite lower and upper bounds. This algorithm generates an infinite sequence of points guaranteed to converge to the solution; the ultimate convergence ...
    • Qualitative Relational Mapping And Navigation For Long-Term Robotic Operation 

      McClelland, Mark (2014-05-25)
      The research presented in this work focuses on several aspects of the remote operation of ground vehicles, notably Navigation and Mapping for autonomous robots and the effects of time delay in tele-operated vehicles. ...
    • Qualitativism: An Elucidation And Defense 

      Murphy, Daniel (2015-08-17)
      My dissertation is about qualitativism, the view that the facts constituting the world are, fundamentally, purely qualitative or general. Roughly, non-qualitative facts directly involve particular things (e.g. the fact ...
    • Quality and Productivity Improvement of Wax Flowers 

      Vitner, G.; Bechar, A.; Kiryati, A.; Eshet, O.; Shental, O. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2007-12)
      This is a paper from International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR, Commission Internationale du Genie Rural) E-Journal Volume 9 (2007): Quality and Productivity Improvement of Wax Flowers. Manuscript CIOSTA ...
    • Quality and Stability of Shelf-Stable Pulp-Rich Fruit Juice 

      Siricururatana, Passaporn (2008-07-24)
      Tart cherries, Concord grapes, and apples are known for their health benefits due to high phenolic content and antioxidant capacity. Apples are also a rich source of fiber, helping to reduce the risk of some types of cancer. ...
    • Quality Assessment Of Northeast Peach And Apricot Varieties And Their Value-Added Products 

      Campbell, Oluranti (2013-01-28)
      From 2009 to 2011, ten peach and five apricot varieties cultivated and commercially available in the Northeast were assessed for quality indices and phytochemical content. The objective was to generate qualitative and ...
    • Quality in Bibliographic Control 

      Thomas, Sarah (Library Trends, 1996)
      The Quality of cataloging is an issue that has engendered much discussion over decades of bibliographic control. Juxtaposed against the standard of full, accurate, and timely bibliographic records is the pressure to produce ...
    • Quality Mesh Generation in Higher Dimensions 

      Mitchell, Scott A.; Vavasis, Stephen A. (Cornell University, 1996-12)
      We consider the problem of triangulating a d-dimensional region. Our mesh generation algorithm, called QMG, is a qradtree-based algorithm that can triangulate any polyhedral region including nonconvexregions with holes. ...
    • Quality Mesh Generation in Three Dimensions 

      Mitchell, Scott A.; Vavasis, Stephen A. (Cornell University, 1992-02)
      We show how to triangulate a three dimensional polyhedral region with holes. Our triangulation is optimal in the following two senses: First, our triangulation achieves the best possible aspect ratio up to a constant. ...