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    • Jerrold Meinwald wins National Medal of Science 

      Ju, Anne (Cornell University, 2014-10-03)
    • Jet And Dark Substructure 

      Cliche, Mathieu (2015-08-17)
      We currently live in the golden age of experimental particle physics. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) finally discovered the Higgs particle and may soon allow us to probe TeVscale new physics. Moreover, dark matter indirect ...
    • Jewel Black Raspberry 

      Ourecky, Donald; Slate, G. (New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1973-08)
      The black raspberry is a native American fruit found growing in the wild from New England to the Carolinas. Plants are most frequently found in clearings or around the borders of fields. Early observers collected plants ...
    • 'Jewel' Strawberry 

      Sanford, J.; Ourecky, Donald; Reich, J. (New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1985)
      'Jewel' is a new cultivar of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.), adapted to the Northeastern, Great Lakes, and Midwestern regions of the United States. It is a hardy and consistent cropping cultivar with large, attractive, ...
    • Jewish life at Cornell 1865-2005 

      Engst, Elaine D. (Cornell University, 2006)
    • The Jews in China: their synagogue, their scriptures, their history 

      Finn, James (London : B. Wertheim, Aldine Chambers, 1843)
    • Jihadism, International Society, and Interstate Cooperation 

      Mendelsohn, Barak (2006-07-26)
      Why do states meet some terrorist threats through a collective effort, whereas at other times they respond separately, selecting from a variety of strategies? This dissertation advances an English School explanation arguing ...
    • Jintu Fan Faculty Bio 

      Fan, Jintu (2015-05-01)
    • JMatch: Java plus Pattern Matching 

      Liu, Jed; Myers, Andrew C. (Cornell University, 2002-10-18)
      The JMatch language extends Java with \emph{iterable abstract pattern matching}, pattern matching that is compatible with the data abstraction features of Java and makes iteration abstractions convenient. JMatch has ...
    • Joanna Smith 

      Carlacio, Jami; Howd, Eric Machan (Cornell University, Carlacio/Howd, 2010-07-31)
      Pre/Post video from Composing Literacies study
    • Job Description Development Worksheet 

      Grusenmeyer, David (2002-10-01)
    • Job Elements 

      Grusenmeyer, David (2002-11-01)
    • Job Search And Job Choice From The Perspective Of College-Educated Employees 

      Kanar, Adam (2010-10-20)
      How do employed persons think about job searching? This dissertation draws on an analysis of decision process research and two qualitative studies to answer this question. The study explores the factors that lead employees ...
    • Job Stress, and Health in Nurses: the Mediating Role of Experience 

      Stewart, Deanna (2008-06-04)
      The study examined whether or not the relationship between nurses? job experience and health is mediated by job stress while controlling for age. One hundred ninety daytime registered nurses from multiple hospitals ...
    • Jobs and People: A Strategic Analysis of the Greater Burlington Economy 

      Industrial Cooperative Association (City of Burlington, Vermont, 1984-12)
      After his upset election in 1981, Burlington Vermont's new mayor Bernie Sanders, having created a new Community and Economic Development Office, confronted a regional economy dominated by a branch plant, absentee owned ...
    • Jobs for the Environment 

      Heffernan, Pat (1976)
    • Jobs Today - Jobs Tomorrow 

      Unknown author (The Citizens' Committee On The Maine Economy, Augusta, Maine, 1975)
    • Joe Watkins and Neil Falkner Interview 

      Falkner, Neil; Watkins, Joe (1984-03-31)
      Interview conducted by Eugene Dynkin with Joe Watkins and Neil Falkner on March 31, 1984 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
    • Johannsen, Oskar Augustus 

      Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1961)
      Memorial Statement for Professor Oskar Augustus Johannsen who died in 1961. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its ...
    • John Cawley Faculty Bio 

      Cawley, John (2015-05-01)